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What's Next Texas? Find Out at This Google Cloud Extended Event to be held in Austin.


Love staying on top of the latest news and trends around Google Cloud? We do too. That's why we're not only revving up for Google Next ‘18 this year; we're rocking the G Suite again this summer by being a sponsor of Next ‘18 Extended Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz on July 24.

Google Cloud Next is the ultimate technology conference for anyone interested in G-Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Chrome and innovation. Essentially, it covers what Google's planning for both the present and future of cloud computing. Last year the enterprise-focused conference had visitors from across the globe, with more than 10,000 attendees, and some pretty market-altering announcements too. Since Google always strives to do things bigger and better, they've promised that Next 18 will be even more incredible.

Hosted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Google Cloud Next '18 event will run between July 24th and 27th, providing a place for partners, customers, developers, and influencers to come together and learn. The plan is to make the enterprise cloud as accessible and useful to everyone as possible through insightful sessions, demonstrations, coding labs, and hands-on-training from the masters.

This year, you'll not only get a chance to connect with the complete Google Cloud team, but you'll also have an opportunity to learn from local Rockstars too as The Apps Admin Company presents their guidance and support for mid-market enterprises in the Google Cloud.


What Did We Get from Google Cloud Next 17?

Sometimes, when you're trying to predict the future, you've got to look back at the past. During Google Cloud Next '17, Google welcomed more than 250 expert speakers to the stage, along with over 70 customer speakers who presented their own unique breakout sessions. While the information revealed by the industry experts was phenomenal, perhaps the most exciting thing to note was the fact that Google made more than 100 announcements about their platform. According to the team, they're planning on delivering even more ground-shaking news for 2018.


“At Google Next ‘17 the company made over 100 platform announcements. They’re planning on delivering even more ground-shaking news for 2018.”


Next 2017 had more than 10,000 attendees, which covered everyone from Google partners, to developers, engineers, customers, and analysts. That gigantic group came together over three days of unique sessions, keynotes, and invitation-only experiences. Interestingly, 2017 was actually Google's first year presenting the show as a full package, with G-Suite, GCP, Chrome, Education and Maps all in one unique bundle of Google Cloud.


As a place to network and connect, Google Next is almost unparalleled. However, perhaps the biggest reason that anyone comes to a Google Next event is to hear the latest updates from the platform.

For instance, during 2017 alone, the company revealed:

  • Google Cloud's acquisition of AppBridge to help migrate data away from on-premise files into the Google Cloud and G-Suite.

  • The launch of the Identity-Aware Proxy for the GCP. The Identity-Aware Proxy allows users to provide application access based on risk, without using a VPN.

  • The DLP or "Data Loss Prevention" solution for Google Cloud. This system allows you to scan for sensitive data types and protect your content.

  • The BigQuery Data Transfer service which allows users to access all the benefits of their Google advertising datasets within a matter of moments.

  • The Cloud DataPrep Beta, which makes it easier for BigQuery users to explore and manage their data, preparing it for analysis without an expert engineer.

  • The Cloud Machine Learning Engine, which became generally available to the public for the first time, launching a new era of machine learning.

Of course, that's just a handful of over 100 incredible announcements made at the event in 2017. As you can see, Google seems to reserve Next as the platform for some of its biggest and most incredible updates of the year. If you're looking to be on the cutting edge of the Google Cloud experience, then you really can't miss out on your chance to attend Google Cloud Next '18.


What Can We Expect from Google Cloud Next 18?

The latest Google Cloud Next event for this year will feature a range of important technology tracks that encompass a broad selection of Google Cloud portfolio solutions. We'll cover each theme and some of the sessions taking place within that track below. However, the overarching purpose of Google Next is to provide support and education to those who really want to tap into the full possibilities of the Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Next is where the company announces its latest and greatest developments to the community. It's also where that community can come together and discuss their needs and expectations for the year ahead. With more than 10,000 attendees last year, it's fair to say that Next represents a useful networking opportunity.

Throughout the course of the three-day event, you'll be able to problem solve and innovate with developers, IT professionals, executives, engineers, and more from around the world. Google Cloud Next ‘18 invites people to come together and take a deep-dive approach into everything from new security features for a privacy-focused world, to accessible artificial intelligence strategies. No matter what you hope to achieve with the Google Cloud, you'll be able to hone your knowledge at hundreds of breakout sessions and boot camps.

What's more, Google has a lineup of incredible speakers to showcase too, including the CEO of Google Cloud, Diane Greene, and the SVP of Tech Infrastructure, Urs Holzle. The VP of Apps for Google Cloud, Prabhakar Raghavan will also be present, with chief scientist for AI and machine learning, Fei Fei Li.


The Top Technology Themes for Google Next 2018


As mentioned above, for 2018, Google has decided to use a range of themes to offer learning opportunities for everything you can accomplish with Google Cloud. You can find more about the sessions here. There are hundreds to choose from, including visionary sessions with people who have their eyes on the future, as well as introductory lessons designed to help you get your first taste of the cloud. 


Application Development

Designed to educate and enlighten app admins who want to deploy and design their applications faster, this track will introduce tools and ideas for incredible development. The sessions focus on everything from containerized apps to serverless application environments and more.

A few sessions announced for Next '18 include:

  • Accelerating Kubernetes Development with Kubernetes Apps
  • Advanced Kubernetes boot camp
  • Accelerating Solutions Development with the GCP marketplace


Collaboration & Productivity

Collaboration and communication are key topics for any business in the world today. With G-Suite and Google Cloud, you can improve your collaborative options and help your teams to perform at their best in no time. This is where we'll be hosting our own session!

Sessions at Google Cloud Next include:

  • ATB work reimagined by G-Suite
  • 30 ways Google Sheets can help Companies Uncover and Share Data Insights
  • 30 time-saving Tips to Help G-Suite employees be more productive


Big Data Analytics

Access insights from some of the leading Google engineers responsible for making data the biggest differentiator for modern brands. You'll learn how to ingest and manage your data with things like Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub, as well as what you can do to manage queries in seconds with BigQuery.

Some of the sessions available include:

  • An insight into a modern Pipeline in Action
  • Advancing Serverless Data Processing in Cloud Dataflow
  • Accessing and Analyzing Large-Scale Public Datasets in Google Cloud


Operations and Infrastructure in Google Cloud

If you're looking for insights into the best things you can do to modernize your cloud infrastructure, improve internal speed and reduce costs, then this is the track for you. The sessions at Google Next '18 will cover everything from DevOps to improving cloud storage and security. You can also learn how to manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Planned sessions include:

  • A year in GCP Networking
  • Accelerating Customer app migration with Cloud Sprints
  • Architecting for Price and Performance at Cloud Scale


IoT (Internet of Things) With Android

Discover the possibilities of the Google IoT platform for extracting, managing, and evaluating the data in your globally-dispersed devices. Speakers can share tricks and tips on how to capture IoT data from several million to a few hundred devices.

Some sessions at Google Cloud Next '18 include:

  • Overview of Cloud IoT Core
  • Cloud IoT: Google's Vision of Industrial IoT
  • Arcules: Using Google Cloud IoT to Break New Ground in Video monitoring


Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Machine Learning and AI have emerged as a pretty big deal for Google lately, a trend that continues for Google Next. For those who want to learn how to make the technology more accessible, this track will teach you how to use AI to make smarter decisions, build intelligent applications, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

You can learn how to inject AI into your company at every level, with sessions like:

  • How Analytics and ML will Transform Education
  • AI on Google Glass Drives the Factory to the Future
  • Advanced Dialogflow for Google Assistant.


Mobility and Devices in a Modern Workforce

Discover how you can better manage, deploy, and develop new solutions for the Google ecosystem of platforms and devices, including Android, Chrome OS, and Chrome Browser. Sessions at Google Cloud Next '18 will show you how you can maximize your investment in the cloud with a connected and secure mobile team.

Check out Chrome Sessions like:

  • How to Use Chrome Enterprise to Empower your Workforce
  • Boosting Your Team Productivity with 2MM Android Apps
  • Android Security Deep Dive - Beyond the Myths


Cloud Security, Cloud Security and More Cloud Security

Finally, but majorly Cloud security will always be one of the most important considerations for anyone making a move to the cloud. Google invites you to reconsider how you're protecting your applications and data with Google Next '18 sessions. Here, you'll learn about how you can make the most of the multi-layered Google infrastructure, and which tools you can use to enhance both GCP and G-Suite.

Enjoy Cloud Security sessions like:

  • Better Practices for Cloud IAM
  • Advanced Protection: Eliminating Malware, Phishing, Spam in G-Suite
  • A Security Practitioner's Guide to Best Practice GCP Security


Announcing Next ‘18 Extended Austin

Google Cloud Next Extended Austin

All the sessions above will be incredible, we need to give an extra-special shout out to a new event taking place this year! The Coolhead Tech team is sponsoring an event with Apps Admins for a Next Extended event.

You don’t have to be in San Francisco to be part Google Next ‘18 Join us for NEXT Extended event at Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in downtown Austin, Texas! Learn what's new with Google Cloud Platform, interact with G Suite IT experts and Google Cloud developers just like yourself.


Here is How you can stay up to date on Google Cloud Next and Extended Events.


Google Next is a massive event spanning the world. Our Next ‘18 Extended event in Austin coincides with the US start from Moscone Center in San Francisco. The Apps Admin Company will live stream Diane Greene’s keynote and product announcements then provide exclusive local content and insight with Google Cloud Partners, Customers and Developers.

Next ‘18 Extended events are held worldwide throughout 2018. Check out the current list of events on the Google+ Community page and official Google Next Extended website.

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