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Google Cloud, GSuite and Apps Admins: Unlocking the Power of Google Drive for Teams

Google has rebranded the Apps for Work suite and introduced a number of new features designed to boost productivity. The renaming is aimed at reflecting the application suite's underlying purpose, which entails providing a flexible and innovative collaboration solution. Google Apps For Work becomes G Suite. On the other hand, Google's comprehensive range of cloud-based services have been renamed Google Cloud.


Introducing Google Drive for Teams


One of the most notable new features introduced by Google is Drive for Teams. With this feature, your entire team enjoys access to files based on permissions set by administrators. This is in contrast to individual members owning drive accounts with sharable folders and files. Drive for Teams ensures that files are not affected by the addition and removal of users. This helps Google Drive keep pace with changes in team composition. The feature allows administrators to assign new roles that exercise granular control over files.


Improved meeting capabilities for teams in G-Suite


Google recognizes the importance of video conferencing when it comes to team collaboration. For this reason, it enhanced the meeting experience in Google Hangouts. The tool is accessible directly in Drive allowing teams to share files from other apps, such as Slides, Sheets and Docs during the video conference.


Some of the new changes to Google meetings for teams include:

  • Invite any member
  • Participate without an internet connection
  • No browser plugin required
  • Join using any device (mobile or desktop platforms)
  • No downloads
  • Join without an account

You can invite team members using a dial-in phone number or short link. Meanwhile, Google Hangouts' user interface can now handle up to 50 video conference participants. In addition, it improves connection by integrating instant screen sharing and Calendar.


Benefits of switching to Google Drive

  • Robust security – Drive's security apparatus achieved ISO 27001 certification and supports various regulatory requirements, including HIPAA.
  • Powerful sharing capabilities – allows instant sharing with colleagues and eliminates the need to send attachments.
  • Real-time collaboration – the tool enables teams to collaborate using Google Docs. Team members can comment and work on the same document in real-time.
  • Activity updates – Google Drive keeps you informed about team activities.
  • Third-party app integration – Drive integrates hundreds of apps, such as Smartsheets and DocuSign.
  • Unlimited storage


Maximizing productivity in Google Cloud


Google Drive provides a number of ways to improve your team's productivity. From inserting images easily and signing documents to cranking up sync, the tool is truly loaded with time-saving functionality.


Work on Files Online or Offline with Google Drive for Teams.


Google Drive allows your entire team to view and edit documents offline. Changes are automatically synced when an internet connection is re-established. The functionality is only available through the Google Chrome browser. The offline mode must be enabled on individual devices except on the Chromebook, which is automatically activated by default.


The functionality is particularly useful when working in environments with poor or no internet connection like remote locations and on flights.


Using Google Drive templates and in GSuite.


Google Drive templates have the capacity to make your collaboration easier and more productive. They are useful when working with case studies and presentations. Access to an extensive array of public templates can be enabled by administrators.


Taking advantage of add-ons


You can enhance functionality by integrating a wide variety of Google Drive add-ons. Administrators manage how the add-ons are implemented and used. This helps determine the range of available add-ons.

Google Drive provides equal parts versatility and easy access. You no longer need to worry about file conversions because the tool leverages the power of several G Suite apps. The platform updates and syncs documents in real-time allowing your entire team to collaborate more efficiently and faster.