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Google Cloud Receives a New Premier Partner in NTT Data


Google has been placing a lot of focus into developing their data and intelligence strategies in recent months. It's probably no surprise then, that one of the most recent collaboration upgrades announced by Google was established with a known leader in the global technology services market. 

The NTT Data Services company is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of their business technology. This brand is well-known for its ability to deliver insights, solutions and outcomes that matter to modern companies. With NTT Data, businesses of all shapes and sizes can access tangible insights through industry expertise combined with applied innovations in cloud, digital and automation efforts. 

NTT Data Services isn't just joining the Google community this month, it's becoming a Google Cloud Premier partner. This means that NTT Data now has the highest status a Google Cloud Partner can achieve. This milestone comes after years of the two businesses working together to support joint cloud investments for their clients. NTT Data has proven that it also has a high level of competency to offer when it comes to helping customers make the most of their Google Cloud services and products.


Becoming a Premier Partner

Becoming a premier partner with the Google team is a big step forward for NTT Data. Essentially, this new title means that the company will continue its work with Google Cloud on a joint strategy for go-to-market excellence. In the premier partner community, NTT Data will be responsible for providing customers with managed services, implementation strategies and consulting that revolve around the Google Cloud environment. NTT Data will also be helping to guide any business that wants to work with Google on their digital transformation strategy. 

Additionally, the Google Cloud Program will be providing enhancements to NTT Data's established offerings in cloud transformation. Google will be adding even more resources into the mix in the form of artificial intelligence tools, machine learning, analytics, advanced cloud migration, and IoT offerings. Additionally, Google Cloud will also be offering upgrades in security, productivity and privacy too. To ensure that NTT Data can continue to grow, Google will also be fostering new partnerships for the brand through the Google Cloud Partner Directory - a growing online ecosystem. 

Already, NTT Data is in an excellent position to continue building on its partnership with Google. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of application, consulting, infrastructure and business management services. Additionally, NTT Data is a division of the complete NTT data corporation, which is a top 10 global business and well-known IT provider with more than 120,000 professional connections in over 50 countries. NTT Group is also a partner to over 88% of the Fortune 100 today.


An Important Step for NTT Data Services

The NTT Data company are thrilled to be moving forward in their collaboration with Google Cloud. According to the Chief Digital Officer for the services segment of the company, Eric Clark, earning the title of Google Cloud Premier partner helps to highlight the company's commitment to investing in valuable and strategic relationships. The connection with Google cloud will allow NTT Data services to provide ongoing cloud insights and impressive solutions that drive valuable outcomes for their clients. 

Google Cloud's robust community of partners has the potential to access even more opportunities through NTT Data services, thanks to their vertical industry and technical expertise. Clark also believes that the partners will benefit from NTT Data's wide range of cloud intellectual property offerings, tools and accelerators. The relationship that Google has with NTT Data services will help the company to provide businesses with the cloud maturity and strategic tools they need to really make the most of any cloud transformation project. 

Going forward, NTT Data services has a strong strategy in place for how they plan to make the most of their partnership with Google Cloud. Based on the existing environment that a client has, the company will recommend a multi-cloud strategy for their ongoing growth, alongside an easy-to-use cloud infrastructure. The NTT Data cloud transformation services will allow clients to access on-demand public, private, and hybrid cloud offerings to boost their agility and shorten time to market. The company was also recently named a leader in the Nelson Hall report of cloud advisory, migration and assessment services. 

Google's open cloud platform allows partners from all over the world to develop innovative portfolios of products that lead to new opportunities and benefits for clients. The growing Google Cloud partner ecosystem will accelerate projects and improve outcomes for today's companies through ready-to-access solutions for migration, cloud native app development, and cloud operations support.