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A Review of Google's Drive Plug-In for Microsoft Office

google-drive-plugin-for-office.jpgThe  Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office allows files on Google Drive to be accessed and saved directly from Microsoft Office programs. This plug-in is great for Drive users who prefer using Microsoft Office programs to using Google applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

A convenient Cloud solution

Google Drive now offers a great option for companies looking for a means of storing Microsoft Office files in one place that's accessible via the Cloud. It previously wasn't possible to save files to Google Drive directly from Microsoft Office programs.

The new plug-in works on the Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. It allows word processing, spreadsheet, and power point presentation documents to be stored on Google Drive. These programs can now even be launched directly from Google Drive 

Document sharing made simple

One of the biggest advantages of this integration of Drive and Microsoft Office is that it makes sharing documents within an organization more simple. Different team members needing shared access to certain Microsoft Office documents can access these documents from different locations and using different devices thanks to the fact that Google Drive stores files on the Cloud. Documents don't need to be individually sent out to various team members via email, for example. They are constantly available to everyone within the organization who has access to Google Drive. 

Allowing greater choice and flexibility

In part, Google launched this app to recognize the fact that—despite the popularity of Google Apps for Work—Microsoft Office programs still remain standard when it comes to general office tasks like word processing and creating spreadsheets. Workers who have been using Office for years sometimes feel frustrated at having to master the new Google suite of applications like Docs and Sheets. 

With the Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office, Google is allowing companies and individuals to pick and choose which Google Apps they wish to use and which they wish to forego for other options like the Microsoft Office suite of programs. 

How to install and use the plug-in

The Google Drive plug-in needs to be downloaded onto users' computers to run. It is currently only available for use on Windows machines. After the plug-in is downloaded, Google Drive should automatically come up among listed storage options when users attempt to save a document in any Microsoft Office program. A Google Drive folder should also automatically show up on the computer's desktop after the Google Drive plug-in is downloaded. 


Visit the Google Drive Plug-in for Office page to download for free


Why integrate Drive and Office?

The Microsoft Office plug-in for Drive is perfect for companies that rely heavily on Microsoft Office Suite but need a Cloud storage solution for the documents and files they produce. It's useful for companies at which collaboration among team members on the same documents is common. This is especially true if collaboration occurs between team members working from different locations. If your use of Google Drive storage has been limited in the past because of Drive's inability to accommodate Microsoft Office documents, use this plug-in to begin taking full advantage of Google Drive. 


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