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Google's Enterprise Solution for Manufacturing Companies


Google Apps for Work can help employees become more productive and collaborate with each other regardless of location and time. The hosted documents like text, spreadsheets, presentation, and web based videos by Google make all the information accessible from all platforms of devices. 

Google Apps allows manufacturers to access hundreds of third party applications in Google Apps Marketplace like CRM, Project Management, accounting and finance, sales and marketing tools – which offer Single Sign-on access (SSO).  Since Google Apps is web based, all updates are done with just a click of refreshing the browser.

Google’s Enterprise solution is a set of technologies which are designed to eliminate complexity and maximize the user’s ease of use for making parts, components and finished products.

Google Enterprise allows employees to communicate and connect in real time cloud based technology. This eliminates the restrictions of time and location for all types of industrial designers who want to work from home or other place.  Manufacturing software architects can also benefit from Google Cloud Platform’s powerful App Engine to build, deploy and scale applications; and also from business-visualization capabilities of Google Enterprise.

Google for Work can Help Manufacturers:

  • Quickly generate and launch products by collaborating on products designs and analyzing data to make better decisions.
  • Better serve customers by quickly replying to customer’s feedback, and improving first call resolution rates by Google Search Appliance.
  • Drive efficiencies in their operations by collaborating on unstructured data from disparate sources within Google docs.
  • Optimizing Supply Chain process through Google Forms, Google Maps and Google Sheets.
  • Manage Human capital by improving the recruiting process through Google Search Appliance.
  • Efficiently manage sales through collaboration on RFPs on Google Docs.

Through Google's enterprise suite of tools – Apps, Cloud, Search and Maps, manufacturers are saving costs and achieving productivity through faster visualization capabilities, more scalable application development, better collaboration and excellent search functionality.

With Google Enterprise solutions, manufacturers can foster innovation with the secure and reliable infrastructure.