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Google for Work Update Roundup

Updates for Google Apps

 Google launched a new interface that allows for easy publishing as an independent website or embedding in their own website. You may also publish pieces of the documents (i.e.. specific charts and sheets) without publishing all of your document.

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Improved Client Certificate Management on Chrome Devices

Client certificates are often required to ensure safe access to otherwise protected web resources. Google has integrated an easier way to manage and provision client certificates across a variety of devices via extensions that support different enrollment protocols.

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Increased Transparency for Reporting Data

In the Admin console in the Reports section, you can see a date picker at the top right. When you click on it, you can choose whether or not to include additional transparency on data. The latest date with available data is seen in green. You can choose which date you would prefer to access data as well.

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Better Presenting in Hangouts Video Calls

During a video call, it used to be that the speaker-driven switching would cause the presenter to change as participants spoke. With this feature, a participant default to a single presenter resulting in a steady visual presentation as opposed to disruption.

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Google Chrome 64-bit

Google Chrome 64-bit has now been released for use on OS X with Version 39 for Mac to be released later this year. With this update, 32-bit plugins will no longer be functional as it will only support the 64-bit platform.

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Google Apps Marketplace

Google Apps admins can now open the Marketplace to allow use of third party application integration. Admins can customize which apps are available within their domains or disable the feature. This update fully complements the entire suite available in Google for Work.

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Improved Productivity and Security via iOS Sync

iOS Sync allows for users and admins to manage Google Apps, configure WiFi networks, as well as supporting existing policies. ActiveSync can also be disabled while still managing all iOS devices within the organization.

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Third Party International Email Address Support for Google Calendar

Google is launching support for international email addresses so that they are now recognized in Google Calendar to allow for invitations and sharing calendar events.

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APIs Discontinued as of April 2015

There will be several APIs that will be discontinued as of April 2015 as replacement APIs roll out. 

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Chrome Polices Managed from Google Admin console

This update allows you to apply multiple Chrome policies to all 6 platforms including Android and iOS. Previously, this had only applied to Chrome Devices, Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

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Added Features in Admin SDK

Google updated the Admin SDK for Google for Work consumers with the purpose of meeting particular needs. These features include custom attributes in user profiles and available read access from any user via Directory API.

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OAuth1 Deprecated as Apps Migrate to OAuth 2

Google Apps Marketplace is expecting a full apps migration from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0. As of the end of September, OAuth 1.0 apps will be removed. If application providers have not migrated to OAuth 2.0 by April 2015, the functionality will stop and the icon will be removed from the app launcher.

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Chrome Legacy Browser Support

Google has launched a test channel in order for you to test future extension versions and MSIs. You can expect to see the next release in early November. Be sure to deploy the stable MSI prior to November in order for Legacy Browser Support to continue without a lapse in functionality.

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Improved Experience on Mobile for Google Drive

Google has made it easier to access Google Drive via mobile. Users can access, view, as well as print their files.

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Building and Sharing Google Forms

Search menus quickly with the latest feature update on Google Forms. You can also randomize questions, allow a single response per person, and validate necessary information. Additionally, you can create shortened URLs.

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Google Admin App Updated on iOS

There is now a new version available in the app store that allows admins to manage Google for Work products via iPads and iPhones. New features include searching for users, switching between different accounts, and more.

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Google Apps Marketplace is Available to Non-Admins

Admins have the option of choosing whether or not Google Apps Marketplace apps can be installed via the main interface. Hundreds of these apps complement Google for Work, too. This feature can also be disabled if preferred.

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Google Announces Drive for Education

Unlimited storage with as much as 5TB per individual file size will be supported. You can also use the Google Apps Vault to archive necessary information.

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