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Google is the Word, the Word that You Heard.


Up until recently, work was set at one physical location with the bright and even groggy smiles of your coworkers. However, in this day and age work is where and when you want it. While e-mails, texting, phone calls, and dare we say letter postage, have worked in some aspects to bridge the gaps of location and time, there are now tools available transforming the way you work. Google Enterprise now rebranded as Google for Work has brought innovation into your workplace. If you've listened in on the chatter word has it offices all over the world are "Going Google". Should your office jump on board? To help you decide, below is an overview of Google for Work and a discussion of how reinventing the way you work could supercharge your business.

Google Word: Collaboration

Google seems to have reinvented their Enterprise platform based on a few buzzwords, or "Google words", and collaboration is certainly one of them.  Enter Google Apps for Work, a cloud-based collection of supercharged tools to help you, your team members, clients, vendors, and everyone else to communicate in real time from anywhere. Can't meet in the same office? That's old news anyways. Partners all over the world? No problem. Google uses the following apps to keep your team on the same page reducing delays and improving efficiency. 

  • Gmail - Seamless, innovative, and effortless, Gmail is one of the best ways to keep everyone in contact using the same platform. 
  • Google Docs - Word processing is now simple, fast, and more efficient than before. The days of attaching files to emails and sending them off are functions of the past. Google Docs allows everyone on your team to access, edit, create, share, delete, store, and otherwise manipulate files from anywhere at any time without using up data. 
  • Google Drive - Google Drive is mission control for your entire company's files, email accounts, photos, videos, schedules, maps, and everything else. 
  • Google Hangouts - Can't meet in person? Need to meet in one place from multiple locations? Through video or chat, you can use Google Hangouts to gather everyone online in one place to collaborate from virtually anywhere. 

Google Word: Infrastructure 

Systems administrators know that infrastructure is everything, without a capable infrastructure on which to build, share, and collaborate, communication can be severely hampered. If your business does not or is unable to support a Google-sized infrastructure (including if your operations are taxing to the system), Google for Work allows you to build off Google's very own infrastructure. This infrastructure is a powerful platform that allows you to manage, build, launch, and scale all of your sites, services, and apps. App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery are at your disposal, and even your most complex projects are as good as done. 

Google Word: Devices

Great devices are key to great collaboration. Chromebook and Chromebox are powerful tools increasing the efficiency of Google for Work at nearly lightning speed. 

Google Word: Location

Finally, Google for Work will transform how you track just about everything by using Earth Pro, Maps Engine, and Maps Coordinate. 

Technology has improved, and so have businesses taking advantage of this innovation. Google for Work is here to assist you in leading your company to success with taking the first step of Going Google, experience the power of innovation today.