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Google offers Mid-size Enterprise Free Business Apps

Coolhead-google-for-work-premier-partnerThe benefits of Google for Work include a laundry list of tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Drive and Forms as well as exceptional communications tools like Hangouts, Calendar and Gmail. As tempting as these offerings may be, companies may still be locked in to contracts with other providers. Never shying away from workarounds, Google has come up with a great one. As part of an unprecedented promotion, customers can enjoy all of the applications Google for Work offers for free.

Google will cover all associated fees until the existing service provider contract runs out. Google will even cover the deployment fees up to $25 per user, and the bills for service will not come until the existing contract expires.

After the transition to Google, customers can expect to see significant cost savings with their new arrangement. Comparing figures provided on the basic Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, that savings could be up to 70 percent. This offer effectively neutralizes the power Microsoft has wielded with its enterprise agreement in the past with respect to client retention.

Google for Work offers user-friendly tools to millions of satisfied users. Companies can take advantage of these boosts to productivity without purchasing new servers or any new hardware. Cloud technology allows Google to maintain and update the tools your company needs without interrupting your work flows. Imagine instant integration without downtime and at no additional cost to you. This is not the promise of the future. This is the reality of today!

Google is confident that when you see the efficiency with which your employees can work, communicate and collaborate with Google Apps, you will never want to go back to your former provider. Google is so confident that it offers a simple contract with no traps or tricks to lock you in.

Google also understands that transitioning from familiar systems in not without its challenges. That's is why there are Google for Work Partners to help. Firms with limited IT departments often struggle to keep up with the demands of changing technology. With the assistance of Google Certified Administrators, moving your email and calendars becomes a simple matter. Google for Work Premier Partners like Coolhead Tech,  offer Google Apps Migration Services and Google will help you pay for it!. You won't have to worry about losing data, documents or contacts.

Google Apps for Work are powerful, convenient and economical, maximizing your employee's energies, and now they are even less expensive to acquire. When they can drive down the hits to your bottom line from both the front end and the back, why wouldn't you want to give them a try?