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A New Era for Healthcare: Google's Partnership with the Mayo Clinic


The Mayo Clinic and Google have recently come together to announce a new age for healthcare technology. According to the latest announcement at the beginning of September 2019, leading healthcare company, the Mayo Clinic will be working with Google to fuel its digital transformation strategy in the months and years ahead. 

Google has said that it will be acting as the cornerstone of the Mayo Clinic's strategy for transformative healthcare technology, helping the business to unlock new opportunities in the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The partnership will combine the robust set of AI solutions offered by Google with the clinical experience that the Mayo Clinic has to offer, to help transform the way that people get healthcare around the world. 

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said in a blog post that Healthcare is currently one of the most important industries in the world, and one of the major sectors that new technology has the potential to help evolve. Health is a major investment area for Google, and something that the company will be putting more resources and money into going forward. With the arrival of the new partnership, Google will have a unique opportunity to develop the services that will radically change the lives of people across the globe.

The Evolving World of Healthcare


Since the new CEO for Google Cloud Platform, Thomas Kurian took over the helm earlier this year, the Google Cloud team has taken a more dedicated industry-first approach to sales. Indeed, we've seen plenty of evidence of the Google Cloud Platform tailoring the expertise of their AI and data management tools to suit the needs of specific verticals. Over the last few months, Google has invested in new innovations for financial service, healthcare, media and transportation companies, among others. 

The blog post on the latest collaboration between Google and the Mayo Clinic states that Google's team will be helping the healthcare brand to build it's digital strategy. This includes helping the Mayo Clinic to take advantage of new cloud-based and AI tools in the Google Cloud environment. To help bring the two teams closer together and encourage better collaboration, Google's team have said it will be opening a new office near the Minnesota headquarters for the Mayo Clinic. 

With Google Cloud's compliant and secure digital platform, the Mayo Clinic believes that it will have everything it needs to leverage innovative new cloud technology, industry-leading AI and healthcare specific solutions. According to CIO of Mayo Clinic, Christopher Ross, the new technology will ensure that the company can take care of its patients more effectively. 

Additionally, the Mayo Clinic also noted that while the Google Cloud will be responsible for securing and storing crucial data, the Clinic will be responsible for controlling the use and access to patient data. According to the team, the Mayo Clinic will specifically manage all personal data maintained on patients to ensure that it remains private and secure. The team says that it will be using long-standing institutional controls to keep the data protected.

Looking to the Future with Google and Healthcare


The Mayo Clinic brand is clearly looking forward to a future where it can take advantage of new technology innovations on the cloud with Google, and explore the benefits of AI, machine learning and advanced analytics. The team said that it will be creating new healthcare insights and solutions in conjunction with its partners, including Google. 

On Google's side of things, this is just the latest in a selection of health-focused deals from the cloud computing company. Back in August, Google partnered with NTT Data Services to help clients from health plans, insurance firms, and hospitals to improve their technology infrastructure. Additionally, in June of this year, Sanofi announced plans to work with Google on a virtual innovation lab. This new innovation lab aims to help experts better understand both diseases and patients, while increasing efficiency, improving patient experience and more. 

Google is also the owner of the DeepMind AI firm in London, which last year migrated it's Streams solution for mobile assistance into the Google Health environment.