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The Newest Google App for Work benefits mid-sized Enterprises

google-springboard-screenshots.jpgHaving applications designed to make the work of doing work simpler and easier is one of the greatest advantages of the 21st century, but one digit falling out of place in the horde of information flowing in and out of modern companies can unleash devastation that costs people their livelihoods. More likely, lost or misplaced data that is difficult to use can result in untold man hours being lost to unnecessary digital forensics - a cost that small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) cannot afford. Luckily, Google has been working on a solution tailored to their needs.

Now It's Time for Business

Prabhakar Raghavan, VP of Engineering for Google Apps, unveiled the upcoming release of Google Springboard at the Google Atmosphere conference alongside other announcements about updates in the Google Apps for Work family. The apps launch comes with two goals: providing combined searching through all of an organization's Google Apps and their intranets while deploying an advanced virtual assistant to analyze the flow of information to find ways to speed up how users interact with it.


A Unified Enterprise Search Platform for Google Apps for Work

In the world of search, an enterprise-focused search algorithm is similar in overall operation to any other search, but its databases of information and the users allowed to access it are restricted to high-quality inputs from sources like the company's network. It represents a middle-ground between a search across the entire Internet or just looking at files contained within a specific program file or computer.


Every piece of software in the Google Apps for Work family has access to Google's search algorithms, but each one currently only looks within itself for data. Springboard expands this to an enterprise level that includes every application at once, tying them together into a stronger web of support for your business.


More than Just Search

Having all of the information you'll need sitting at the ready is important, but the way in which you access it has just as much impact on productivity. Raghavan mentions in his announcement how as much as a fifth of a typical office worker's time is spent locating and collecting the data that they need, and Springboard is ready to slice that figure down to size.


Like the Google Now functionality in normal Google Search that helps nudge people towards the right information, Springboard includes artificial intelligence that monitors usage across the app and picks out patterns hidden in the data. Armed with these insights, the virtual assistant in Springboard can make recommendations that improve efficiency like pulling up that spreadsheet template you always need to fill out after a sale or at the end of the day.


By streamlining information access, SMBs can maximize the amount of output they get from every employee.


Dive into Work with Google Springboard

For now, Google Springboard is limited to a crowd of early adopter companies. Any company that has already Gone Google can apply to join the ranks of those putting Springboard through its first paces. Even if you're content to wait, Springboard brings a new level of business-class robustness that SMBs should be ready to embrace once it becomes freely available. In either case, Coolhead Tech is ready to prepare your company, your people, and your IT infrastructure to make the most out of every piece of the Google Apps for Work puzzle.