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Google Updates Its Active Directory Sync tool

Recently Google has created amazing business tools for your disposal. One of the many Google Apps for Works tool is the Google Active Directory Sync tool. This tool has the ability to furnish the operator with information on users, non-employee contacts, and groups via user data in your LDAP server. This would include servers such as Lotus Domino, Microsoft Active Directory, as well as many others. Google Active Directory Sync will add or delete user accounts to have your Google Apps Directory in line with your current organizational schema. This is a beneficial and succeful tool offering you the ability to sync everything you need for clearer organization. 

Like most applications on a computer, you can use the configuration wizard available through the Google Active Directory Sync tool. This is a self-guiding process to customizing your LDAP user list by syncing and mapping nicknames, shared contacts, Google Apps users, and groups. Another option is to sync your telephone numbers from your cell, work, and home, along with job titles, and addresses listed in different applications giving you instant access to information in one simple location. Applications remain relevant for a limited time before an upgrade is needed, and Google Active Directory Sync Tool is testament to this. Google saw the time approaching for an upgrade and made the notion to creating a better tool for their users. 


1) The upgrade no longer uses the old version of provisioning now using Directory API.

2) The tool now uses OAuth for authorization, this means you are not using old admin credentials. The old admin credntials are no longer supported and were removed.

3) You can now also block certain users using Google Orgs without using the org sync option. This also allowing you to link profiles and shared contact fields together via your LDAP fields. You are now able to view shared contact names and IDs while in a simulation. The benefits allows you to see and track who's being deleted in a much easier fashion.

4) You can now send email notifications via the SMTP format in place of the TLS, this opens up the smtp.gmail.com option to send your notifications. The one thing you lose is the website and notes section no longer supported by Directory API.

Overall the benefits of the upgrade far outweigh the negatives making Google Active Directory Sync an even greater deal for those in need of a little organization within their business and daily life.