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Another Update to Google's Active Directory Sync Tool


There are many tools that one can put at their disposal in relation to business, some of the most important to come along in recent times have been those created using Google. Among the many things presented to people in business through Google one of their greatest offerings has been the Google Active Directory Sync tool. This one tool has the ability to furnish the operator with information on users, non-employee contacts, and groups via the user data in your LDAP server. This would include servers such as Lotus Domino, Microsoft Active Directory, as well as many others. Google Active Directory Sync will add or delete user accounts in the hopes of getting your Google Apps directory in line with your current organizational schema. This one tool has been proven to be a successful and very beneficial tool giving you the ability to get all of your proverbial ducks in a row, offering you the ability to sync up everything you need to make your life easier to organize. You're not likely to find a better option to suit your needs than to use the Google Active Directory Sync tool, it's truly a great all in one application.

You can use the configuration wizard, as with almost any application on a computer, made available through the Google Active Directory Sync tool. This allows you to guide yourself through the process of customizing your LDAP user list syncing and mapping nicknames, shared contacts, Google Apps users, and groups. Another option is to sync your work, home, and mobile numbers, job titles, and even addresses listed in your different applications, this allows you to have access to everything in one simple location instead of having to search around everywhere in the hopes of getting any of the information you may need to complete a task of transaction. As with any application it can only truly remain relevant for so long before it needs to start looking to move up in the world, this is what's happened with the Google Active Directory Sync tool, it has outlived it's last incarnation and now it's needed to step up making it a much better tool that it already was, making key adjustments and upgrades in places that will make it an even more desired tool than it was already, something you just can't afford not to have if you're looking to move forward in this world.

The upgrade no longer uses the old version of provisioning, it's been given a boost to using Directory API. Another upgrade is that the tool now uses OAuth for authorization, this means you don't use your old admin credentials, that system isn't supported anymore and has been taken down. You can now also block certain users using Google Orgs without even needing to use the org sync option while also allowing you to link together profiles and shared contact fields via your LDAP fields. You're now able to see shared contact names and IDs while in a simulation, the benefit of this is that you can tell who's being deleted in a much easier fashion. Another upgrade allows you to send email notifications via the SMTP format in place of the TLS, this opens up the smtp.gmail.com option to send your notifications. The one thing you lose is the website and notes section being gone as they're not supported by Directory API. Overall the benefits of the upgrade far outweigh the negatives, making Google Active Directory Sync an even greater deal for those in need of a little organization in their business and lives.