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3 Unique Benefits of Google for Nonprofits


If your charity or Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is looking to join the atoms to bits movement, Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours access to highly discounted products. Much like Google for Work, your organization will have access to Google Apps like Gmail, Drive, and Docs. Where Google for Nonprofits shines is in its unique features that help NGOs share their mission and establish or strengthen their online presence. Most notably, Google for Nonprofits offer NGOs a grant for online advertisement, unique features on YouTube, and access to One Today.

Here is a more detailed view of the features just listed:

Ad Grant

With the Google Ad Grant, your nonprofit will be able to reach new donors and promote your mission across the web. Through a $10,000 per month in “in-kind AdWords™ advertising” your call-to-action will appear in Google search results just like any other paying advertiser. Having an online presence will expand your reach, help you gain visibility, and attract new volunteers. Grantspro, a $40,0000 per month grant, is available for organizations that meet the requirements, based on the amount of Adwords activity after a four month period. So for your next donor drive or big project see what a difference Google Ads can make.

Youtube Nonprofit Program

Having a media presence on YouTube is an easy way to share your mission or promote your next big project. Much like the Google Ad Grant, the YouTube Nonprofit Program gives your NGO exclusive benefits such as displaying a Call-to-action banner on your video, having a donation button on your video, and exclusive technical support. These benefits provide viewers one-click solutions to donating, visiting your site, or gaining more information. Tell your organization’s story through videos on YouTube and watch as other like minded people join your mission.

One Today by Google

One Today is an exclusive program for NGOs, which allows smartphone users to donate $1 instantly to causes and nonprofits that inspire them. “Each day, the app highlights cool projects from organizations like yours, and users can donate if they want to support the cause”. Joining the program is an easy way to expand the reach of your mission to thousands of One Today users across both Android and iPhones interfaces. Publishing a project is an easy process that shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes. Leverage the power of Google and expand your donor base by using One Today!

Everyone in Nonprofit management can agree that keeping operating costs down while actively seeking out new ways to improve the world we live in is hard. With Google for Nonprofit, you can utilize powerful work applications while enjoying the ease of mind that accompanies lower operating costs. The icing on the cake is the unique features that help your organization to reach new donors and promote your mission across the web. If you haven’t made the switch, contact us to learn more about the powerful things you can do with Google.