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Google Certified Apps Administrators Offer Free Services to Midsize Enterprises.

apps-admin-logo.pngMature companies and IT Departments rely on core communications and productivity software to be at the helm of their well-oiled machines.   There's work to be done and a cloud migration, whether for communications or collaboration can be disruptive, that is until now.  As the competition for Cloud productivity apps like Office 365 and Google Apps for Work is growing up, mature Cloud Service Providers like Coolhead Tech are brewing up a perfect storm for mid-market companies ready to go Cloud by offering flat-rate Apps Administration services through AppsAdmins.com

Article Highlights:
Google offers Incentives to companies with Enterprise Software Agreements
RingCentral and Other Recommended Partners Sweeten Google's Enterprise Agreement Incentive.
Google for Work partner offers Free services from Google Certified Apps Administrators.


A lot of different factors can affect mid-market companies at various times.   From something simple as a loss of power that affects the servers, to something catastrophic such as a virus that takes down the entire system and compromises sensitive data. This all affects workplace productivity, workplace morale, and also affects the bottom line to the tune of expensive fixes and lost income in downtime.

Software helps in this regard, vendors such as Microsoft and Google have put out Cloud Productivity Suites of Applications to help businesses run their networks smoothly and maintain (and in many cases, increase) productivity levels. This has been a great help in recent years as the strategic importance of IT departments and infrastructure has increased substantially as businesses grow.


The Cloud Productivity Market reached Maturity When Google Reached out to help Midsize Enterprise CIOs in April.

google-for-midmarket.pngIn April of 2016, Google announced incentives for mid-market companies to use their Cloud based productivity software.


Midsize enterprise companies with a current contract for another office productivity suite, such as a Microsoft or IBM enterprise agreement,  could use Google Apps for Work without charge until their current contract expires.   Typically an enterprise agreement kicks in at 250 users so the offer of Free Google Apps was extened to companies with 250 – 3,000 employees.


This is an extraordinary financial incentive and statement to the business world as to the seriousness of Google’s aim to bring its Cloud productivity suite to the mid-market.   

As an Added incentive Google will pay $25 per user to help offset the cost of using a Google for Work partner like Coolhead Tech's Google Certified Apps Admins.    Google extended this migration incentive recently to mid-market companies (the 250 employee floor lowered to 100) until the end of the year.


According to Forrester, Google Apps for Work helps the most collaborative workers save up to two hours per week when compared to their previous collaboration solution - that's more than two full work weeks a year.


RingCentral and Other Google Recommended Partners Sweeten the Enterprise Agreement Incentive to go Google.


Google's Recommended for Apps partners such as AODocs, Prosperworks CRM, Smartsheet and RingCentral matched the mid-market incentives with complimentary offers.  For example RingCentral offers six months of free VoIP service, a strong offer for over a hundred users.  AODocs, which offers a traditional enterprise document management experience similar to sharepoint, offers the same six months free with a one year agreement.ring-central-for-google.pngThese integrations are recommended for a purpose, they offer significant enterprise functionality, are stable and secure and tightly integrate with Google Apps for Work.   In many cases they also integrate with Office 365, albeit with less maturity. 



AppsAdmins.com Throws Down The Gauntlet with Free Support and Admin Tasks from Certified Apps Administrators.

Today we're offering a massive incentive to mid-size enterprises who sign on with the Google Apps mid-market offer.


AppsAdmins.com will provide mid-market IT Departments with six months of free, unlimited Apps Admin Support for Midsize Enterprises Going Google.  


Our Google Certified Apps Administrators will also perform unlimited Apps Admin tasks for six months at no additional cost.


We extend this offer for midsize enterprise companies adopting any of our Business Apps from AODocs to RingCentral.    It's our way of showing you how helpful our new flat-rate, unlimited Apps Admin service can be.


Switching to a Cloud Productivity suite, whether Google Apps for Work or Office 365 is a change, especially for the IT Department.   While both platforms offer a familiar interface for end users there's a significant learning curve where it matters, IT Operations.   


As Business grows and becomes more complex with each passing year, software companies and their peripheral markets are always changing the game to suit their customers needs. With this latest news, Coolhead is taking the ball that Google started with back in April and running with it all the way to the goal line with for midsize enterprises.