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5 Ways Google's Mobile Device Management works for mid-sized businesses

Visual Note on Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are almost a “necessity”, in today’s tech-savvy world. The popularity of these devices has found its way into the workplace, whereby more and more businesses are using these devices in their day to day operations. In fact, a rather new concept known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is now common in the corporate world. (Graphic From Visually. )


This proliferation has resulted in the need for companies to find ways of controlling, connecting and protecting mobile devices usage for business purposes; hence, the need for Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.


MDM can be defined as the “administrative area” in the workplace, which is responsible for monitoring, securing, integrating, deploying and managing mobile devices used in the office. These mobile devices include tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The primary purpose of MDM is to provide security/ protect the corporate network, while simultaneously optimizing the functionality of the mobile devices used in the workplace.


Features of Reliable Mobile Device Management Software:


Many vendors are offering MDM solutions; however, you only need to choose one such provider who offers you the best solution for your business needs such as Google's Mobile Device Management. The main features of this MDM software include:

  • Provide Security and protection
  • Access control - data control and synchronization
  • Common configuration settings
  • Mobile application enablement
  • policy management
  • Configure shared email, calendars, and contacts
  • Detect rooted or jail broken devices


How Google's Mobile Device Management works for Midsize Businesses:

Now that you have an understanding of MDM and some of its features, the question you probably need answered is how Google’s MDM will work for your mid-sized company! Well, here are five ways this software will work for your company:


1) Google's MDM Keeps your corporate data secure


As a midsized company the security of your information, records, and documents (data) is crucial to the proper functioning of your organization. However, when each one of your employees is accessing this data via their mobile devices, you cannot be entirely certain that this information is safe, especially when these devices can easily get lost or stolen.


The reality is, “things happen”, hence the need to get Google's MDM solution to keep your company’s data secure. Through this Mobile device management solution, you can create stronger passwords, erase or completely wipe off confidential data (For iOS and Android) from selective accounts and you can even require users in the network to have screen locks.


2) Increases your company’s productivity


Mobile devices have made working on the move and from anywhere quite easy. With Google’s MDM solution, you can enhance your company’s productivity by taking advantage of all the features of Google Apps for work such as, using Gmail to follow up with a new client; using calendar to plan a meeting with your team, and you can also use Concur to track your business expenses. With Google Apps mobile Device management you can get your team "up and running" from wherever they are on their mobile devices.


3)  Provides Multi-device synchronization

With Google’s Mobile device management solutions you can keep your employees happy and bring the idea of BYOD to life. The Multi-device synchronization feature in Google’s MDM allows most (if not all) mobile devices to be included in the system, which means that your employees will not have to deal with the stress of working on different devices or carrying them to work. Therefore, employees can use their own devices for both personal and business use; which also means that it might not be necessary to get or purchase your employees mobile devices for office use only, hence reduced costs.


4) Convenient and Fast Distribution of Business Apps

With Google’s MDM services you will eliminate excuses such as, “I did not have the appropriate app to work on that project,” because you can conveniently and quickly distribute all relevant apps to your team using the Admin console.


5) Mobile Device Management is Included with Google Apps for Work.

Google’s MDM is included as part of Google Apps package. Therefore, there is no need to set-up this service or purchase it, because all you need to do is enable it from the Admin console and you will enjoy all the benefits of Google’s MDM solutions such as data protection. This eliminates the need to incur additional costs in order to implement these services. In addition, the management of the system is easy using the admin console, which also allows you to view reports and graphs on mobile usage in the reporting section.


Mobile Device Management is an essential consideration for any midsized business, because people spend a lot of time on these devices, so why not make them (devices) work for your company? By taking advantage of Google MDM services for your company’s benefit.

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