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Even Healthcare Centers Can Mine Unstructured Data with the GCP

Even Healthcare Centers Can Mine Unstructured Data with the GCP

Anyone can achieve incredible things with the Google Cloud Platform.

That's a fact that Google has proven once again this month, by helping the Rush Medical Center to learn more about their patients via the Google Cloud Platform. According to the collaborating companies, the GCP will give Rush Medical Center the freedom it needs to discover new insights in data and improve patient care. 

Alongside a partnership with Maven Wave, Rush will be working hand-in-hand with Google in the months ahead to map unstructured information from their electronic recording system to SNOMED CT. This unique suite of designated standards helps with the processing of clinical health data. 

The Senior VP and CIO of Rush Medical Centre said that one of the main priorities for the company today is to find innovative and exciting ways of administrating healthcare so that costs can be kept as low as possible for patients. Mr. Rab said that the health system has more than 30 outpatient clinics, 3 hospitals, and 900 providers to track - which makes finding an easy and reliable way to monitor data essential. 

To improve experiences for patients from every background, it's crucial for Rush Medical Center to unlock as much valuable information as possible. A partnership with both Google Cloud and Maven Wave will help the business to do just that - developing deeper and more actionable insights that provide the right information to the correct people. 


What Will the New Partnership Involve?


The collaboration between Maven Wave, Rush, and Google will involve some of the latest disruptive technology in the market. Rush will be tapping into AI and machine learning, as well as natural language processing and other technologies. These innovations will allow the group to administer cancer screenings for at-risk patients, improving their chances of early detection. It will also mean that all pre-surgical physicals can be accurately performed and that clinical documentation will be greatly enhanced. 

The range of updates to the Rush Medical Center data strategy should have a huge impact on patient experience and outcomes while giving the medical center more opportunities to save time, resources, and money. According to the Senior Principal of Maven Wave, David Patterson, the company is only at the beginning stages with their exciting new project too. Currently, it's set up to be one of the most forward-thinking data processing and storage initiatives ever deployed for a major medical center. 

The companies believe that with the right change management practices and innovative technologies in place, they'll be able to look forward to rapid evolutions in the patient experience, that enhance both satisfaction, and the company's bottom line. 


The Cloud is Crucial to Innovation


Rush Medical Center isn't the only healthcare company in the market today that sees the value of the cloud and data analysis when it comes to accelerating innovation and growth. A recent study by Accenture found that cloud computing is one of the major emerging technologies accelerating the pace of innovation for healthcare brands. 

The research revealed that 80% of respondents consider data analytics, cloud, mobility, and social media tools are changing the way that healthcare is delivered. Around the world, countless healthcare brands have begun to invest in new tools to take their data strategy to the next level. For instance, the UCLA health company announced their partnership recently with the Microsoft Azure Cloud services environment too. 

In the healthcare environment, analyzing big data sets can lead to incredible discoveries in things like pharmaceuticals, drug development, and even disease prevention. However, there are challenges to overcome for the average health company to access the data they collect. While many companies gather huge amounts of information today, much of this data is unstructured, which is where Google can come in to give depth and meaning to insights. 

Additionally, healthcare companies also need to make sure that their data processing strategies are compliant with the right regulations for their industry. The Google Cloud Platform can ensure that businesses hoping to tap into their healthcare data can remain HIPAA compliant so that there are no legal or federal issues to address. 

Data could be crucial to the evolution of healthcare. Google is opening the doors for the health management of the future.