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Here’s How to Upgrade to G Suite Business and Get up to 6 Months Free.


Google Cloud recently revamped their Google Apps for Work and rebranded them as Google G Suite Basic and G Suite Business.   While pricing hasn’t changed for Google Apps, the feature differences between basic and business is stark so I’ve been urging clients to upgrade to G Suite Business.   Now I’ve found a way for a majority of G Suite Basic domains to upgrade AND get 33% off from Google Cloud Partners.

G Suite Business is the enhanced office suite. In addition to everything available in G Suite Basic, it includes unlimited Google Drive storage and Google Vault for everyone in your organization, plus additional Drive administration, auditing, and reporting features.

Showing Apps Admins the Money:  Get 33% off G Suite Business for up to 99 Users



Here's how to get the discount for your Google Cloud domain:

The Only 2 Qualifiers to get this discount on G Suite Business:

  • Your Google Domain Had a Minimum of 10 users as of March 1, 2017

  • Discount Only gets applied to up to 99 users


 Here are some of my favorite features in G Suite Business:


Google Vault:  A Google Apps Admin’s new BFF.

G Suite Business extends functionality to include additional features and controls, such as Google Vault and domain-wide admin managed security keys. Selecting this edition allows you to take advantage of unlimited storage in Drive, Photos and Gmail. This eliminates the need to constantly delete files or worry about space. It becomes easier to save time.

Some the administrative functions available in the Business suite include:

  • Deploy, monitor, and manage security keys
  • Receive Drive activity alerts (customizable)
  • Assign roles and control access
  • Enable offline access to Docs editors
  • Monitor email traffic for sensitive information like credit card or social security numbers


This feature allows administrators to view all user events on iOS and Android devices. The auditing process is only applicable to users with a G Suite Business license for the device. The audit logs require you to set up mobile device management. Some of the events that can be viewed in the logs include device compromise, suspicious activity, changes to account registration, failed login attempts and more.



The Drive audit log provides an easy way to monitor user activity in Drive. Some of the actions logged in the audit reports include content downloads, previews, deletions, views and sharing. The log in the Admin console allows you to view details, such as event description, file type, IP address, user, event name and user.

The audit log features a filters section that provides an easy way to display events based on specific criteria. The section gives you an opportunity to create and configure custom alerts.



With G Suite Business, you can scan both inbound and outbound email traffic using data loss prevention. When you detect sensitive content like social security numbers and credit card, you simply set policy-based actions. Some of the available response actions include altering the message, quarantine or rejection.

Setting predefined controls in the content compliance section ensures that all messages are evaluated. The evaluation process automatically scans attachments, email subject and message body. It is possible to set varying policies for specific users. Opting to set a higher detection threshold is a sure-fire way to reduce the number of false positives and negatives.

The content compliance setting also detects different types of content with varying levels of confidence. Using a checksum and well-defined pattern helps scan and detect credit card numbers with relatively higher confidence. Meanwhile, the setting only achieves medium confidence detection levels in relation to ABA routing numbers.

The choice of G Suite edition is determined by your organization's specific operational requirements. The premium version is ideal for entities seeking more storage, administrative control and reporting features.