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Here's Why IT Leaders Should Consider G Suite by Google Cloud

consider-g-suite-questionIf you're on the hunt for the most user-friendly and feature-rich solution for communication, collaboration, and productivity in your business, then it's time to consider G-Suite by Google Cloud. As a service that combines everything from cloud storage, to calendars, productivity software and more, G Suite allows modern businesses to stay ahead of their competitors, and on top of their workload.

Essentially, G-Suite is Google's response to the countless productivity problems that typically face modern organizations. In a single suite, it offers a host of options for word processing, email, spreadsheets, cloud storage, shared calendars, and more.


Why CIOs Need to Consider Something New

We're living in a world where employees are wasting too much time on basic tasks, for instance, people spend an average of 8 hours each week just consolidating information. Google G-Suite aims to break down the siloed communication between fragmented teams. It offers support and productivity regardless of whether you're running a virtual workplace, or you have remote working experts.

Because the system was born in the cloud, it doesn't need to adapt to the current state of digital transformation. G Suite is already scalable, innovative, and flexible. What's more, according to some Google studies, companies achieve 88% lower error rates when using Google docs compared with other main competitors. This means work gets done faster, without compromising on accuracy or quality.


More Efficient Team Collaboration

G-Suites intelligent set of applications allow team members to work together on the same projects at the same time. You can see the edits made in real-time and they're automatically saved onto the cloud. In fact, Google suggests that Google Docs users see Real-time changes in their collaboration projects up to 98% faster.

As of February 2018, it's now possible to comment and collaborate on Microsoft Office files without having to convert them into Google format. Additionally, you can also export into third-party formats, making it easier to collaborate with other companies and individuals.

When it comes to file sharing possibilities, G-Suite allows you to upload files as large as 5TB to the cloud, compared to only 5GB for competitors. As your company continues to grow, your G-Suite productivity suite can grow with you, offering increasing amounts of efficiency.

Additionally, keep in mind that Google Drive allows users to store, share, and access files all from the same secure space. G-Suite's Business, Enterprise, and Teams editions all offer unlimited storage on the cloud, so you can rest assured that you'll always have enough room to safely store your most important documents and data.


Stronger Data Security

Over the next year, approximately one in four companies are likely to experience a data breach. G-Suite can help you to stay ahead of the threat. Google's network has been carefully designed to keep security and performance front of mind. Software and security updates for the G-Suite system roll out automatically, so you don't have to worry about gaps in the protection around your local files, operating system, and on-premise software.

With Google G-Suite, you can safely store and access data from any device. The security network is consistently rolling updates out to more than 1 billion users around the world. Additionally, because your solution stays on the cloud G-Suite eliminates the need to download documents onto home computers where they might be lost or damaged.

While it's still important to educate employees in any network about the dangers of cyber-attacks and the importance of security best practices, G-Suite can help to eliminate many of the common concerns associated with digital protection today.


Streamlining the Communication Experience

Currently, Gmail is the most popular email client in the world, with a huge 26% of the market share. It's easy to see why this solution is so popular. Gmail has been on the market since 2004 and currently boasts more than 1.2 billion users. One of the most exciting things about G Suite is the fact that you get a better version of an email client that you're probably already using.

G Suite also offers communication through a more "Real-time" solution. The app suite comes with access to the well-known video conferencing application: Google Hangouts. With this service, you can quickly and easily communicate with clients and employees. Through webcam video, you can bring your team together for brainstorming sessions, important meetings and more - regardless of where they're located.


Better Business Organization

Using G Suite is a simple and effective solution to updating your productivity strategy. With this unique offering from Google, what you see is what you get, with a transparent pricing system that doesn't hide any unwanted fees.

When it comes to better business organization, the Google Calendar ensures that you can easily organize your meetings, track deadlines, plan for projects and schedule appointments in no time. The Calendar can be viewed by your entire company, and each employee can update and post their own deadlines or milestones.

Everyone can stay on track with color coding and event reminders that send directly to email, and the admin console allows the CIO to manage devices and users connected to the G Suite applications in no time. The console allows leaders to give their team members access to the right solutions, create accessibility settings, and integrate other apps too. Mobile device management is also another G Suite feature available at no additional cost.


It's Time to Upgrade to Google G Suite

By this point, you should have a pretty good idea of how great G Suite can really be - and we've only looked at a handful of the available applications. Those lucky enough to have the whole Google G-Suite system can also benefit from a range of other solutions intended to provide exceptional productivity and workflow.

G-Suite is designed to shift the modern business into a speedier, more efficient state. Already, professionals all over the world have discovered the benefits of the Google suite for themselves - with everything available at an affordable price point.

To find out more about G-Suite, or make an appointment to upgrade your system, contact Coolhead Tech today! We'll help you take the next step into the cloud.