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Here's Why You Should Use Google Apps instead of an on-premise mail solution like Microsoft Exchange.

inside-of-exchange-server.jpgIn the modern business world communication between departments, states, and even different continents is an absolute necessity. While often taken for granted due to how common it is email is one of the most mission critical communication tools businesses make use of. Naturally most businesses seek to set up their own professional grade email system not only for configuration purposes but also increased security. When faced with the choice between on-premise solutions, such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps For Work many companies find Google to be a far more viable solution to their business needs. Here is a brief explanation as to why this is.


Four Reasons To Use Google Apps Instead Of On-Premise Solutions

  • Expense: Google Apps save your business both time and money when compared to on-premise solutions. One key area where Google Apps save on expenses is in upkeep. Microsoft® Exchange servers for example require regular upkeep which takes the time and effort of IT professionals. With Google Apps regular maintenance, scaling, mailbox upkeep, and upgrades are handled by Google requiring no effort of you end.

  • Quality Level: when using Google Apps you have access to software developed by one of the top software companies on the planet. To reach the quality level that Google offers is beyond the scope of most companies. They excel in product stability, safety, and storage space complete with scaling options.

  • Usability: another key advantage of Google Apps is most end users are already familiar with Google’s products. Many of your employees likely already use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and other software developed by Google in their daily lives. Even for users unfamiliar with their products Google's software is noted for its ease of use. All of this greatly reduces training needs and expense.

  • Cross Platform Portability: the modern computer market on both the desktop and smartphone runs on several different operating systems. Windows, Linux, and OS X make up the majority of desktop/laptop platforms with Android and iOS representing smartphones and tablets. Configuring your own mail server when dealing with the various operating system, software, and hardware options can be quite challenging. With Google Apps For Work end users can easily access their email no matter what platform they are on and also take advantage of the same end user experience when they do.

  • Innovative Design: Google is well known as (and continues to be) an industry leader in innovative concepts and designs. This innovation is driven by Google hiring the most skilled computer scientists in the field today. By using Google Apps For Work you gain the rewards of this hard work and knowledge in regular product updates.


Migrating Your Email To Google Apps


One area that likely causes you concern is data migration. Switching to Google Apps For Business may indeed be the best solution however, the question becomes how to move over your existing email server and all the information it contains. This is done via IMAP migration allowing mailboxes from other platforms to be moved over to Google Apps. This process is also scalable allowing the capacity to move a few dozen to a few thousand mailboxes with ease. Currently supported platforms include Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003, Courier-IMAP, Cyrus IMAP Server, and Dovecot bt usage of the IMAP protocol. Do note that this import feature is only available in Google Apps For Work and not pre-existing legacy platforms.



As the above shows Google's Apps For Work offer many advantages to business. The ease of integration, upkeep, professional support system, and ease of use for end users make it an ideal choice for many businesses. Also remember Google Apps For Work are not just a solution of newer businesses they can also benefit existing ones as well. If you currently have an email system that has long been in use it can be migrated allowing you to take advantage of the advantages Google offers its clients.