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How Can Nimble's CRM, Social Media Tools Help Your Business?

You already know your business needs social media.

But most of the small and medium-sized businesses that Coolhead Tech works with don't have time to hire a full-time social media manager.

That's why our featured business app today is Nimble, which unifies your business social presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With Nimble, you don’t have to go to three different places to listen, engage and build trusting relationships.

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Once you and your team have identified relevant contacts, you can quickly import them into Nimble and interact with them across multiple social streams.

With Nimble, you can send messages, add tasks and events, edit or download the contact profile… right from the contact’s profile window. You can easily listen to all of the relevant conversations happening in your social networks when you connect with your community from one unified inbox.

Need to import and sync calendars? Nimble will sync with Google Calendar and any third-party calendaring system that connects to it. Once set up, events you create will automatically appear in Nimble (and vice versa).

Using Nimble’s third party integrations, you can easily import leads, create campaigns, measure marketing spend, and analyze the impact of every marketing program from lead capture to deal completion.

If you are a Central Texas business in need of a hard-working, full-time social media CRM, click here to read about Nimble.

As a certified Hubspot Agency and local Google Apps Reseller, Coolhead Tech helps businesses in Austin and San Marcos with their marketing and business cloud apps. Contact us today and we'll find the CRM solutions that are right for you.