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How Google Apps Improves Employee Performance

A challenge in this economy is finding ways to improve employee performance without increasing the cost of labor, equipment, and technology. Google Apps for business is a set of tools that empowers employees to succeed without adding staggering costs in the process.

Keeps Data Secure:

A primary concern of anyone who works in business is not only keeping data secure, but firmly under your control. Google Apps for business allow the business to feel confident in the security measures that are put into place. These measures allow the business to control all aspects of their data. The business remains the owner of the data, and Google provides cutting edge critical security technology that protect the data.


The classic desk job seems to be an icon of the past. Today, employees are in the field, and that field may be representative of several continents. Mobility is a strength, and tools that allow teams to work together over large distances are empowering. Google Apps for business is all about mobility. Further, because this is cloud based, data and tools are available wherever the Internet is accessible. Because these Apps are not device specific, there is not an additional cost to the business for implementing these tools. The data that you store is yours and securely available on any device that you choose. This is just another way that you control your own data.

Enables Team Natural Building:

Being able to see the entire picture allows an employee to collaborate on projects and offer support to each other. When the same goal is identified, and the entire team can see how progress moves the company towards reaching that goal than we have initiated common interest and pride. Nothing motivates people like a job well done, and having pride in being part of something is an amazing tool of empowerment. Google Apps for business is a set of tools that enable natural team building. Because business is nothing like it was ten years ago, tools that help employees work together in real time, on a global basis, and across organizational boundaries only empower employees to succeed better than they would have in the past. Natural team building is about forming partnerships between individuals who share a common goal. When done correctly, natural team building becomes a beacon of success.

Supports your Employees

We have talked about the tools that Google Apps has made available for businesses, and we have talked about why it is important that supporting employees should not cost a fortune, so here is where we discuss how Google supports this platform. First, Google Apps for business is not supported by the businesses who utilize its services. This is a set of tools that are supported by Google. This means that your IT department is not going to become saddled with extra chores, expensive labor initiatives, or maintenance of the tool set. Those costs fall directly onto Googles shoulders and do not become part of your bottom line. 

Google Apps for business offers impressive support that is 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365.25 days per year. Expect that the Apps program will be set up quickly. Google insists that the program can be initiated in only three steps. There is no hardware or client software to purchase, maintain or install. The process is efficient and secure, and the results allow your employees to work with tools they already understand and are familiar with using.

Environmentally Profitable:

This is a green solution that offers sustainable growth that mirrors your companies growth. Google Apps for business has the potential to reduce IT costs. The burden of email back up, file fixing, and storage problems now become Googles problem, which means that your IT department can focus on critical projects that grow your business. This alone is cost savings that company's should investigate. Google is offering a product that not only provides support it may help to lower your IT costs. Currently, Google Apps for business costs $5 per user on a monthly basis. That cost includes access to new software, security updates, and features.

Bottom Line Performance:

Google Apps for business offers corporations a set of tools that empowers employees to succeed. They do this by making certain that data is secure and 100% in control of the business. Google Apps for business work with mobile devices so there is no weighty investment in special equipment. The tool set is applicable on smart phones, tables and laptops. The ease of use, allows employees to continue to use the same tools that they are already familiar with using, so businesses, do not have to train employees to use Google Apps for business. Google Apps for business is supported by google so there is potentially a cost savings to your IT budget.