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How is Google Apps different from a free @gmail.com account?

gmail-cake-yummy.jpgMillions of people use Gmail as their personal email service. A large selection of those people use Google Apps, such as Drive, Docs, and others, in their personal lives. These apps, fully integrated into one another, are convenient and definitely make the users lives easier. Gone are the days of portable drives or storage for sharing important files, or sending thousands of emails, updating documents through a variety of file formats and style changes.


But for your work life, this may not cut it. Inviting and combining everyone on a team, or even hundreds of people in a company, into a single workspace gets messy and confusing, and negates the initial gains made by the service. That's where Google Apps for work comes in to play. Google Apps for work brings the convenience and ease of Google Apps to your office, and your company. It's similar in function to the initial suite, with some key differences, attuned to a simple workspace, maximizing the important utility of the Apps.

Google Apps For Work


When you sign up for Google Apps for your business, you won't be adding personal emails. You'll sign up under the company domain. So instead of user@gmail.com, you'll have user@company.com. Your business will benefit from this in a number of ways. First and foremost, your business will have it's own space, where users can interact and share ideas like they could with their personal mail, but in a project specific space, so that the files and ideas are shared in a more focused and organized manner. In addition, this separate company space allows for complete IT administrative privileges, via an IT control panel integrated into Google Apps. Through this, an IT administrator has full control over the project, allowing them to manage and control the accounts with access to projects, and the capabilities of those users. This gives a company more control over their assets, streamlining processes and keeping everything organized for ease of use.


Enhanced and Improved Productivity For Business


Google is constantly working and innovating. Our free services offer users a timely and fresh experience, that is constantly evolving with new and improved features for the public. While this remains important, we've focused some attention on new and enhanced features, separate from the standard, that are enhanced and tailored specifically for business use. Many of these are unique to Google Apps for business, and aren't available through the free platforms.

  • Increased Access Controls: Normal accounts have limited access controls, designed for the standard user to easily navigate and customize their information. Apps for business allows the company to control with much more precision their access, and how their information is shared and viewed contextually outside of the company domain.
  • Gmail: Gmail is a fantastic in depth application in it's free form, with several unique tools to keep users organized and efficient. The business edition loses none of this utility, but adds the ability to save corporate information with improved mailing list capabilities and thresholds. This allows businesses more flexibility with their mailing options.
  • Google Sites: Communicating accurately with dozens or even hundreds of employees is difficult at best with traditional email. Your company intranet and the shared information is critical to success. A sharing site, specific to your business and optimized to your necessities ensures accurate and consistent communication among all of your team members.
  • Google Calendar: The traditional Google Calendar allows users to sync dates from all devices and areas, into one convenient calendar. For business, we've enabled conference and resource sharing, optimizing the calendar for a workspace and making resource sharing and scheduling easier than ever.


While Google's standard apps are great for day to day life, your business structure is unique and requires a more nuanced approach. Google Apps for business is a suite of tools that will make certain your business and it's employees are kept in sync just as your personal life is, but with the control and versatility necessary to adapt and stay in front of the industry.