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How the Cloud is Changing the Way that we Work.

Google_Cloud_BackupWikipedia tells us that cloud computing is “Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.” To put it more simply, cloud computing is a center of data that is controlled by a vending company. It allows your company to share the data and allows them to access it from the internet in order to better provide for sharing, for collaborating and for interacting online. Google mail is cloud computing at its best. You know Gmail and drop box will allow more than one person to work on the same project simply by sharing a login.

The way that we've worked up until now has been less productive because we have a lower sharing ability. That lessens the productivity of your work or in fact any work that requires a team.The office can have its place, that's a given. What happens when we're not able to be an office en masse is that the work suffers.

Most companies are presently working from one location. When there are people who can't be there, the work comes to a standstill and things get behind.

We're all working on unique and separate sites or documents. Once a week or every few days we meet to collaborate and to compare notes on what we're doing. We share hours catching up on what everyone has done and how they've done it. We disagree, amend, toss around new ideas and correct the old issues. We do that all in the same place. What if we can't be in the same place.

Those kinds of work conditions require that everyone be in the same place at the same time, a real problem in and of itself for some companies. That makes it more difficult and much slower to play catchup and to work on the same project. When one or two members of the team are deployed on other projects as well, the reality can be that one project or another stalls until everyone can be in the same place at the same time and that could take weeks.

The cloud changes that in many ways. With all of our work online, our ability to interact and to work as a team is no longer reliant upon our ability to work in the same room.

We've created a virtual office where the work continues regardless of where we are or what else we have to do. Flow charts, spread sheets and even whiteboards can help us to create something as complex as a new network, a datacenter or a circuit board because everyone can work on it at the same time as a team. No one is required to be in a given physical location and the work can continue with every member of the team staying up to speed on the project, the recent changes and the methods being used to move forward.

This is a means that where ever your team is, whatever else they are required to be doing. meetings can take place and work can continue. The team can meet virtually to compare notes, to move the product or project forward and to provide for greater productivity for the projects, the team, and the company.Increase your productivity and increase your bottom line. A place in the cloud may be just what you need to do both.