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4 Ways Summer Interns can help with Switching to Google Apps

intern.pngOnce you're running a large business of 50 people or more, the idea of switching over to Google Apps can seem like quite the logistical headache. With summer approaching rapidly, we here at Coolhead Tech will be offering our assistance (with the help of local university and college students, of course) in helping businesses like yours switch your system over to Google Apps for Business/Education.

Going Google is one of the best things you can do for your business. Here's how we can help.


1. Spot Checking Migration Status and Technical Issues.

We'll be starting our migration process on a Friday afternoon, while your employees are busy training for the new system. Meanwhile, our interns will be monitoring the process as it proceeds throughout the weekend, and will notify certified administrators to any issues that arise during the process.

Your average employee is going to have hundreds of thousands of business emails, contact information and scheduled events on their calendar to move over. The interms will be monitoring these by simply comparing mailbox sizes from the old system to the new ones, watching log reports and monitoring certain test messages.

The goal of this process is to make the transition to the new system as accurate and painless as possible.


interns-reggie-chase.jpg2. Helping Users Set Up Their Files, Settings and Apps

Making the transition to Google in a larger business can be difficult, especially if this is your first major change in years or even decades. During this period of time, we set up with our interns in your conference room and arrange office hours for your employees to come up to us and get help with the process. Your employees migh tneed help setting up and using Google Apps, and our interns will be both highly experienced with the apps and be fairly eager to help.


3. Making It Through The First Week

The first week of any major change is always the most difficult.

Fortunately, the act of migrating to Google Apps itself is incredibly straightforward. However, it's fairly likely that your individual employees have already built up their own certain ways of using email, communications and other applications, and the new system could be disrupting their 'flow' in the workplace.

Keeping an intern or two for this first week can be fairly instrumental in making this process a smooth one. By the time the week is over, all employees should be sufficiently adapted to the new system!


4. Providing Energy To The Process

Let's just face it: students are going to be younger, greener and have a higher level of energy coming into the office than most of your employees. Fortunately, this level of energy is key in removing the typical fears and anxieties that come with this process.

Due to a millenial's natural affinity for computers and technology, they have the most room to make this process smoother and easier for your employees. Anything that you and your workers don't understand about new technologies are second nature to them, and can usually be easily taught and explained.

In addition, the energy of a student will encourage a more light, fun workplace atmosphere to prevent everyone getting stifled and demoralized during what's already a potentially bumpy transition process.

How Else Can Coolhead Help You?

We can help you learn more about Google Apps and technology on our blog. We cover all kinds of tech topics around business and education. In addition, we're a certified Google Apps for Work and Education partner! If you'd like our help getting set up, head over here to contact us for a consultation!