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Is Google Hire The Secret to Modern Talent Acquisition?

google-hiring-process-optimization.pngAs the business hiring world grows increasingly more competitive, companies everywhere are struggling to get their hands on the talent they need. In fact, 86% of HR managers' say that they struggle to find qualified candidates for their open positions, while 53% admit to hiring under-qualified people in a rush to fill recruitment gaps.

It's easy to see why some recruiters are being forced to settle for "less than the best" when it comes to job candidates. After all, one study by Deloitte found that it can take up to 52 days to fill an open position, with each candidate costing $4,000 in regard to interviewing, assessing, and time scheduling. The good news? Google might have come up with a brand-new solution.

Google Hire is an app created to assist small and mid-sized businesses recruit the right clients more efficiently. The service simplifies and refines the internal recruitment process, and provides businesses with a comprehensive applicant tracking solution that integrates deep within G-Suite, for simpler communications with candidates, and streamlined progress tracking.

How Does Google Hire Simplify Recruitment?

Earlier in the year, Google launched their "Google for Jobs" initiative within Google Search to assist job seekers who wanted to find the best job for their skills. Now, the company is launching "Hire" to assist businesses who want to manage their candidates. In order to use this new facility, companies will need to be paid subscribers, using the Google G Suite lineup of business apps, featuring things like Gmail and Calendar.

"Hire" makes it easier for recruiters to identify the talent they need, build stronger relationships with potential employees, and manage the full process of interviewing end-to-end. The system integrates perfectly with GSuite apps, which makes it a great solution for those who are looking for something that their team can naturally adopt.

With "Hire" companies can enjoy the simplicity and familiarity of easy-to-use tools that ensure a more efficient and productive recruiting process. Rather than creating a separate document to detail notes from the various stages of recruitment and interviewing, the tool allows you to keep all the information you need in one organized place, while syncing with any Gmail communications you might get from the applicants. Because GSuite and "Hire" work so well together, you can:

  • Track the progress of candidates in the pipeline, and analyze any necessary data with Google Sheets.

  • Schedule interviews in Hire, while assessing an applicant's visibility through Google Calendar. You'll also be able to address other important information like contact information and your full interview schedule.

  • Connect with candidates through Hire and Gmail, syncing contact automatically across both.

  • Chat with potential employees throughout Google Hangouts

Today Google Hire is an Excellent Solution for Companies Between 50-1,000 employees.  Tomorrow the enterprise.

Hire is a solution designed for businesses that have fewer than 1,000 employees. In other words, it's not intended for companies that are big enough to outsource recruitment to specialist agencies. Although the solution is quite narrowly focused - particularly when you consider the fact that it's a Google application, it's still incredibly competitive.

Already, many experts believe that Google Hire could pose a significant threat to companies like SmartRecruiters, Lever, GreenHouse, and Workable, simply because it provides a natural solution for recruitment to those that are already involved with GSuite and Google collaboration services. Additionally, because it's so simple to use, it could mean that more companies begin to adopt GSuite, instead of Microsoft Office 365.

A lot of the modern tools available for hiring and candidate assessment in the workplace are unintuitive, hard to use, and tough to implement. Not only are their endless opportunities for configuration to worry about, alongside lists, tables, and overwhelming degrees of data entry - but nothing about these systems feels familiar.

"Hire" was created with a focus on the "less is more" approach to business efficiency. To develop this hiring strategy, Google has worked with a team that conducted hundreds of different user-testing sessions, and worked alongside early-adopter consumers on a one-to-one basis to simplify the user experience. The "Hire" that companies can access today comes from more than a year of simplification and improvement.

If you're wondering where the application came from, some of the earliest functionality that can be found in the Google Hire app, began with "Bebop". For those who don't know, Bebop was a startup founded by VMware co-founder and Alphabet board member Diane Greene. According to the vice president for Google, Dmitri Krakovsky, Alphabet purchased Bebop back in 2015, and named Greene as the head in Google's Cloud strategy.

Not only can companies using Google Hire enjoy a more simplified candidate management solution, but they can also ensure that job listings are as simple as possible to manage too. Companies using "Hire" will be able to decide where on the web they'd like to display job listings, which will include common sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and even Google Search results thanks to the "Google for Jobs" feature.

This process means that listings intended for higher-level positions can be promoted on a more restricted basis, ensuring that companies only get communications from the most qualified potential recruits.

Google Hire is Available to Try From Coolhead Tech.

If you're interested in trying the new Google employment solution, then now is your chance. As the latest product offering to hit the marketplace from Google, Hire is now officially available to all U.S. businesses that have less than 1,000 G Suite seats. You can even try a demo before you invest.

Hire seems to be a natural evolution of the "Google for Jobs" reveal that took place back in May. It seems that as a solution for search, Google has taken the next step in making sure that people across businesses can really find what they're looking for - not just in terms of information or data, but in regard to job candidates too.

Google is taking the initiative to help both employers and job seekers find better solutions for their employment needs. While Google Search now connects new job searchers to opportunities from a wide range of different providers, "Hire" is opening the way for G Suite customers to enrich their companies through a selection of the right talent.