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Introducing Google's new Data Loss Prevention Features for Gmail

google-data-loss-prevention.jpgJust as computers revolutionized the way we do business, cloud computing has revolutionized the way we use computers. Tremendous amounts of data move at incredible speeds between users to accommodate collaboration around the globe, instantaneous financial transactions and centralized health information. As communications have grown faster than ever before, the risks to ultra-sensitive data grow as well. Sensitive to legitimate concerns, Google has risen to the challenge of safeguarding communication with Google DLP (Data Loss Prevention), a powerful new tool for Google Apps Administrators to increase the security of their domains.

Data loss prevention has previously depended upon human action, such as the creation of strong passwords to deter cyber theft and limiting access to third-party applications. Humans do, however, make mistakes. A momentary lapse in focus can mean inadvertent distribution of confidential information or intellectual property. In 2014, Google introduced a number of apps to help manage data security. Spanning Backup provided a robust method for restoring lost data. In 2015, Google proudly introduces Google DLP, an added layer of protection for data transmission.

Here is a little bit of insight into how Gmail DLP works:

Gmail DLP will scan all outgoing emails for violations of rules established by the administrator. Next, the email can be quarantined for review, block transmission completely, informing users that the information requires modification, or allows users to modify the information and re-send it. Since the admin establishes the rules, scanning can search for Social Security numbers, account numbers or any information the admin has specified. Even more exciting, the scanning process does not just apply to the email text, but to the content of attachments.


Google Apps Admins can customize the rules to capture pertinent keywords and expressions to help maintain the privacy of company business. Besides protecting the data from external threats, Gmail DLP can prevent the dreaded "reply to all" command from sharing information inappropriately. It is difficult to tell whether simple user error or malicious intent is the greatest thread to the security of your data. This dynamic application protects you from the damages of both.

Google Apps Unlimited customers are the first to benefit from this exciting new tool. The email application released this year will be expanded during the next to include Google Drive.

With all of the changes in cloud computing, it may be difficult for some companies to fully integrate them into their business. The Google-certified administrators at Coolhead Tech, in Austin, Texas, can help you get the most out of technological developments like Gmail DLP. Coolhead Tech is a Google for Work Premier Partner. Why not add our Google Certified Apps Admins to your IT staff?


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