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Introducing the VMWare Cloud Foundation in Google Cloud


Google is back with more fantastic updates to the Google Cloud Platform. Recently, the company announced that its growing portfolio of enterprise customers have been revealing how important it is for them to get their workloads up and running rapidly in the cloud. Often, businesses need to transport their priority workloads into the flexible cloud environment to improve their efficiency in the age of digital transformation. However, those workloads come with various complex solutions to deal with, including Oracle and SAP offerings, alongside virtualization tools from VMWare. 

Now, for all administrators relying on VMWare virtualizations, Google is introducing brand-new support services for VMWare workloads. This is another exciting step in Google's roadmap that's designed to help the company serve more enterprise brands. 

Both VMWare and the Google cloud team are convinced that their customers want to run more of their operations in the cloud environment that's best suited to their needs. Google's Cloud environment has been evolving recently, focused on giving customers the solutions that are right for them. For some time now, Google customers have been asking for support for VMWare as part of the Google portfolio, and the GCP is here to deliver, bringing customers a wide range of choices for how they want to use their VMWare workloads. 


Combining VMWare and the GCP

According to VMware's Chief Operating Officer, Sanjay Poonen, the partnership that VMWare has with Google cloud has always been about addressing the needs of modern customers. Today, the business is excited to extent the company it has with Google's cloud platform and ensure that mutual customers can run VMware workloads on the GCP. With VMWare now active on the Google Cloud Platform, customers will be able to leverage the investment protection and familiarity that comes with VMware tools and training as they expand their cloud strategies and bring new services into the market. 

The updated solution will take advantage of the SDCC technologies on VMWare, including NSX, vSphere, and vSAN software, all deployed on a platform that's administered by the CloudSimple solution for the GCP. This will mean that customers can migrate their VMWare workloads into a software-defined data center in the Google Cloud Platform. With the familiarity of VMWare, users will also be able to tap into various strengths within the Google Cloud Platform, including advanced options for data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Users in the environment will also have native and full access to the VMWare full stack, while Google Cloud offers the first line of support for clients, working closely with the CloudSimple team to provide customers with a streamlined experience from start to finish. 


Building on a Strong Relationship 

This new collaboration builds on the existing history that Google has had with the VMWare team. In the past, Google and VMWare have worked together to deliver integrated solutions like VMWare NSX with SD-WAN and service mesh by Velo cloud, as well as Google Cloud's Anthos with the VMWare VSphere, which delivers the preferred hyper-converged structure for today's multi-cloud customers. This Anthos solution also provides Kubernetes access to help businesses manage persistent storage volumes and workloads on-premise. 

A Google Cloud plug-in has also been available in the past for VMWare Automation for vRealize, which provides customers with a quick and simple way to orchestrate, deploy, and manage Google cloud resources. The long-standing history that Google and VMWare have together make this newly expanded partnership even more exciting for the two companies, and their mutual customers. 

In a blog post about the expanded collaboration, Google announced that it would be committed to continuously working closely with partners in the months and years ahead. By working seamlessly with other brands, Google hopes to continue delivering the products and solutions that customers need to solve their common cloud issues and innovate in the modern landscape. 

In the partnership with VMWare, Google hopes to make Google Cloud the best environment in which to run virtualized workloads within the VMWare environment. The CloudSimple solution will be available on the Marketplace for the Google cloud later this year. If you're interested in combining your Google Cloud Platform and VMWare strategies going forward, make sure that you stay tuned for more updates about making the most out of the cloud.