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Introduction to Google Drive Apps

where-is-my-thumbdriveA wide range of business apps can be used with Google Drive, increasing the functionality and the usefulness of the product at work. The number of possibilities is significant and each individual or business can choose a selection of Google Drive Apps that will enhance corporate activities.


What Business Apps work with Google Drive?

Choosing Google Drive apps from the Chrome Store is a fairly simple task if you know what to look for. You can examine the popular and the recommended apps. Alternatively, you can choose among various categories like business tools, productivity apps, extensions and themes.

It is easy to see how all of these can be used to enrich the Google Drive experience. Whether you need to sign documents, edit visuals or create charts and presentations, the app store has a number of possibilities available.

Google Drive Apps can be used to make the cloud-based solution a much more powerful one. The direct integration and the possibilities that come with the installation of third-party developments make Google Drive a more efficient and functional tool than other cloud-based solutions. Do you need to edit videos? Or maybe you want to convert files from one format to another? Choose these apps to extend the usability of your Drive and create an all-in-one comprehensive solution.

To check the compatibility of apps, look for the Google Drive icon in the store. You will also get information about the price of each of the third-party developments before downloading it.


Installation and Management of Google Drive Apps

The installation of Google Drive Apps from the Chrome Web Store is a simple task. Once the process is completed successfully, the apps will be usable with all kinds of browsers. There are no limitations concerning the exclusive use of Chrome.

To install a particular app, click on its presentation and find the install button in the upper right corner. Confirm the installation process to launch it. You should also authorize the app to access the files stored in your Google Drive.

Upon installation, you can make each app the default one for all of the supported file formats. Go to the settings menu and choose Manage Apps. You will see a box that enables you to make the app the default one opening a particular file type.

If you have two or more applications that open the same file type, the one that was set as default the latest will be used to open the file.

After testing an app and deciding that you no longer need it, you have the option to uninstall. You will simply need to go to the settings menu, choose Options and select Remove This App.


Security Issues and Google Drive Apps

Applications developed by third parties will sometimes come with security concerns. Doing a bit of research and finding more information about the developer will be essential for maintaining the safety of all your Google Drive documents and files.

Applications will need access to your Drive files. The authorization can be revoked at any given time. You will simply need to go to accounts.google.com and revoke the access through the Authorizing Applications and Sites option.

You will get information about all of the authorized apps for every file that you have in Google Drive. Once you get a detailed list, decide whether to revoke the app’s rights or not.

Though you need to be careful when it comes to choosing third-party apps, their addition can boost the usability of your Google Drive. Take some time to get acquainted with the possibilities and to customize features for maximum usability.