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Known Issues: 3 Problems with Google Calendar

You probably already know that Google offers some great cloud-based applications for business. However, even with Cloud software there are some bugs to be worked out. The good news is that Google is actively working to correct the problems.  Here are some issues with Google Calendar with workarounds.


Adding a Resource to an All Day Event Does Not Properly Block it Off

Currently, if you add a resource to an all day calendar event, it will be blocked off in UTC regardless of what time zone the space is actually in. Depending on how you manage your calendar, this may not be a problem for you. If you do need to set it to the exact time, you can create a timed event that is not set to all day for the resource that is involved in the project.


The Incorrect Email Address Displays in a Group

You can invite people to your Google group who don’t have Gmail accounts. With this bug, people who do have a Google account associated with this external email address will have their Google email exposed to the group rather than the email address that was used in the invite. Unfortunately, this is just something to be aware of, as there is no way to avoid this bug at this time.


Renaming a User can Cause the Wrong Name to Display for the User’s Delegates

While it does not happen often, occasionally an administrator may need to change the a user’s name. What that means, is that people that a user has invited to work with his or her calendar will see the calendar name as the user’s old email address. What they should see is the user’s first and last name. Fortunately, this bug really does not change how Google Calendar functions for users, it is just a display error.

If a delegate wants to correct this problem, they can manually change the calendar display name. THere are two options. Either click the small arrow located next to the calendar and choosing “Calendar Settings”, or through an external app that can update this setting through Google’s API. This is also how a delegate can rename the calendar to whatever they find most useful- even if it is not the owner’s name.


Cloud Software is always being Updated

As you can see, these bugs do little to reduce the functionality of this app. If they do become an issue, there are simple ways to deal with them. In the end, while they are something to be aware of, they could be completely ignored until the bugs are solved by Google.

Whats great about cloud software like Google Apps for Business is that it is continuously updated.  The Google Calendar issues in this post will be fixed and the software will be updated automatically.