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Known Issues: 4 Problems with Google Apps Sync

Google Apps Sync allows Google Apps for Business customers to effectively use Microsoft Outlook with Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts.   Because of issues inherent in end-user Windows PCS, we always prefer the Google Apps Webmail interface.  If you are using Google Apps Sync here are some additional known issues you should be aware of.

No longer just for tech start-ups, Google Apps are a great way for any company to spur innovation and bring employees together. Google Apps is a packaged suite of hosted Google applications that empowers businesses, schools, and institutions with use of a variety of Google products including email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Talk--on a unique domain. Google Apps help businesses maintain a tight-knit sense of family on a day-to-day basis, through use of the variety of Google products such as:

  • access to a flexible intranet system;
  • custom email addresses for everyone in your organization;
  • tools for word processing;
  • tools for creating web pages and sites for your business;
  • a shared calendaring system;
  • spreadsheets and presentations; and much, much more.

With Google Apps, your business becomes part of the content. You get to see your business having the experience dealing with the known issues of Google Apps, supported by workarounds that empowers you to succeed. No wonder more small and medium sized businesses rely on Google Apps than any other business apps services.

You may be affected by some of the known issues about Google Apps Sync. These may include the following:

Error sending large attachments

It is a known issue by default  that Microsoft Outlook 2010 (with Google Apps sync of MS Outlook) will disallow sending attachments greater than 20 megabytes. With Gmail you can send attachments up to 25 megabytes in size. What you can do to work around this known issue with MS Outlook is simple. You modify your Windows registry as described in the instructions from Microsoft Support.

Accepting Google Apps calendar invitation

Another known issue, if you accept a calendar invite from another Google Apps user in Outlook mail by clicking the "Accept" button at the top of the message and then add a reply using Outlook's "Edit the response before sending" option, the recipient gets an acknowledgement with a blank message body.

Accepting a calendar invitation you've previously declined

Yet again, a known issue with accepting calendar invitations. It happens you've previously declined a calendar invite and you've deleted or declined the invitation on your calendar in Outlook, then later, you want to retrieve or accept the invite. You must do so from Google Calendar web interface. The change won't stick if you try to accept it in Outlook and the event will be deleted or marked as declined again. To workaround this issue is to sign in to your Google Apps account in a web browser, open your "Calendar" and accept the invitation there for the event to become available and remain accepted in Outlook.

Invalid username/password

Further, a known issue for a user repeatedly getting incorrect user/password prompts. The workaround you have for an issue of this sort with invalid username/password repeatedly thrown while syncing in iOs through Google Sync is just to make sure you follow all steps during set up. You do this by making sure you enable the Safari cookies on the device.

Incomplete email attachments

Also a known issue with Google App Sync for Microsoft Outlook users sending ".msg or .eml" email attachments to Microsoft Outlook users who are hosted on a legacy Exchange environment. They may receive an incomplete or missing attachment. Again, the workaround for such a known issue is simple. When you attach an email message as "Outlook item" you have to select "Insert or text Only". When you do this, it will copy the message attachment or text to the body of the email.

Creating Meetings directly with contacts

Another known issue when you try to create a meeting with someone from their contact entry in Outlook 2010. By right clicking the contact, creating the meeting, then clicking send in Outlook will report an error and the meeting is not created (an error common with outlook 2010 only). The workaround you will have to do is to create the meeting in "Outlook Calendar".

Couldn't sign-in error message:

A known issue too for you to have an error message "couldn't sign-in: your domain requires mobile device management". You workaround this known issue when you activate the "Google Apps Device Policy" app to enforce security policies required by <your> account. You download the latest version of "Google Apps Device Policy" on your device. Troubleshooting instructions can be helpful as well.

For overall performance information for Google Apps devices for entrepreneurs who need advice and information fast, you can find a lot more information on the "Apps Status Dashboard". The General Issues and Solutions page is also a resource you can utilize if you are experiencing a problem related to services such as Gmail, Drive, Google+, or Hangouts. Generally, Google Apps is a easy-to-use suite of Google applications that brings together the administrative essential services to help your business.