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Managing Cloud Apps: Is Hiring a Google Apps Administrator Worth It?

Many businesses benefit from using Google Apps because it provides all of the services they need in one package.  However, you may not get the full benefit unless you have a Google apps administrator helping you along the way. 

A shared Google Apps Administrator Can Save You Money

Imagine the cost of hiring a full-time IT guy to manage everything for your company.  A full-time IT and Google Apps Administrator's Salary is $50-100,000 if you want to keep a qualified pro on-site.  With the option of using an outside expert, you can save on costs while providing the management your system needs.  Because multiple companies are using the same service, everyone shares in the cost; therefore, it reduces expenses for everyone.

Get Expert Help When You Need It

Google Apps runs self-sufficiently.  However, there are certain tasks that need to be handled by a person.  This may include setting up new accounts and providing access to the correct apps.  A professional can easily manage this so your business does not have that added responsibility.

A Google Apps administrator can provide instruction and answer questions when needed or diagnose problems to save you time.  Not all employees will be as familiar with the applications and may need extra assistance when they run into problems.

You also don’t have to worry about updates, because new features are added as soon as they are available. 

A Google Apps Administrator Provides Security

One of the most important components to any system is providing security from outside interference and risks as well as protecting from loss of data.  A Google Apps administrator can provide regular backup of the information that is stored.  Even though data is protected when stored in the cloud, it is important to create your own backup for added security.

Your Google Apps Reseller will monitor security settings and allow or prevent access to any area or application by employees. This is important when dealing with sensitive or private client information.  The number of employees with access to this private information should be low. This protects the company as well as the individual employees.

This security management by your Google Apps Reseller is not limited to business hours, there is someone on hand 24/7 to help you from your home or office.

Your local Google Apps Administrator is having an on-call person that helps you even when you are in the middle of a meeting or finishing up at the end of the day.

Google Apps for Business can help your company to run more efficiently.  Your Google Apps Reseller is here to help manage your information and your business to perform at its best every day.