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5 Benefits of Google Business Apps

gmail-cake-coolheadWith apps available everywhere, sometimes it's hard to decide what apps you should use for your business. Here are five reasons for using Google Business Apps. The Apps are easy to start using, As powerful as you want them to be, cost efficient, high security and there's a mainstream and wide support available.  There's also cake.

When choosing Apps for Business it's important to know how an app will benefit your business.  If you've spent any time on the Internet, you already know the name Google, so it shouldn't surprise you that Google has some of the best business apps available. 

It's Easy to Start and Use Google Apps for Work

Unlike many apps, the Google Business Apps are intuitive.  Calendars, email, file sharing, contacts, and more are simple to use and will work virtually on any internet connected device.  Google Business Apps automatically update when there is a new feature or upgrade, you no longer have to wait for a new feature, unless your system administrator wants to manually roll out features as required.

Business Apps As Powerful As You Need It

Google Business Apps has the Google apps script and Google for Work APIs enabling your system's administrators and software developers to integrate their software with them.  Along with third party integration you will find endless possibilities and extensions enabling you to use Google for Work. 

Cost Efficient in the Cloud

For about a cup of latte from your favorite coffee bistro a month, Google Business Apps can give you the tools to expanding your business.  For only $5 a month, you will receive email addresses for your team with your company's name, 30 GB storage you can use for file storage and sharing, online calendars, and the ability to easily create online spreadsheets, slides, text documents, and more. All these great features including admin controls and security from a name you can trust. If you prepay for a year you will actually save $10. 

Google Sets a standard in Security

The safety of your data is top priority at Google. The company is FISMA-Moderate level certified -- this is the same level of certification for the internal email usage within the United State's government. Google is also capable of supporting HIPAA compliance. Google is trusted by millions to virtually secure their email from any threats through routinely checking emails before downloading a document for any threats of viruses, pshing emails, malware and more.

Mainstream Support for Google Apps

Google Business Apps are intuitive, however there may come a time when you need assistance with a certain app. There are a range of resources with excellent support to answer your questions and concerns. You can choose to seek help from Google Certified Admins support, you can also seek advice through Google online forums, online support websites such as from our own Google gooru,  and companies specializing in Google support. With an array of Google support outlets you can quickly find a solution.

This is why Google Business Apps are the right choice for your business and why you should consider it.  Google Business Apps has the security, reliability, support, and the cost efficient features that will help place your company at an advantage above the rest. Discover how you can lead your company through the use of Google Business Apps today.


Google for Work Customers that have their Apps manged by Coolhead Tech have an added benefit: cake.  Customers are treated to the largest and most delicious cake we can bake.  It's an opportunity for business users to network with other innovative companies using Google Apps for Work.  Join our community of thousands of apps users today.