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Top New Features in May for Google Apps Users

business-apps-updates-roundup.pngGoogle Apps introduced three new APIs and a slew of new features in May.  Here at Coolhead.Tech, we pride ourselves as Apps Admins for Google Apps, RingCentral, Hubspot and others. In this article, we'll be discussing the top new features for Google Apps users to enjoy.  A lot of these deal with better management of Google Calendar so enjoy!


Single-Click Embedded Chart Updates

With the May update, charts are better-integrated into Google Docs and Slides than ever. While using Google Docs or Slides, simply select "Insert", "Chart", and then select "From Sheets". From there, you can create a chart from a pre-existing spreadsheet, and if you check "Link to spreadsheet", you can do a one-click update of the chart in Docs or Slides at any point the original spreadsheet is modified.


Better Google Calendar Event Notifications

In the past, Google Calendar notifications could be a bit..intrusive. Now, though, Google Calendar support Chrome Web Notifications, which just means they pop up in a small box on your screen for you to see, like other in-browser notifications, instead of intrusive popups that take away from your browsing experience.




Accept Questions With Google Slides

Google Slides now supports an interactive feature, in the form of questions from the audience. Slides Q&A works across both desktop and mobile platforms (that is, through browsers, Android and iOS apps) and can be enabled for both individual domains and external users, depending on your preferences. However, Q&A can only be used by someone with edit/comment access to the presentation.


google-calendar-android-feature.gifDialing Into Conference Calls With Calendar For Android

Google Calendar on Android has received another boost with the addition of the ability to dial into conference calls straight from Calendar. If the call-in number is put inside the Calendar event, the user will be able to select the passcode and automatically dial right in. This streamlines what could previously be a pain, making a historically long process shorter than ever.


Better Event Locations With Google Calendar

Google Calendar's web app is getting an update that allows event locations to be seen from day and week views without needing to dive into details. Seeing where you'll be going and when at a glance is an obvious boon over needing to dig.




More On Google Apps

To learn more about the latest news in Google Apps and cloud computing, head over to our blog. Here at Coolhead Tech, we cover Google Apps and other cloud platforms extensively. As a certified Apps for Work partner in Austin, Texas, we can also help you roll out a Google Apps installation at your school or workplace. For more on that, contact us for a free consultation!