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Check Out These New Features in Google Forms

screenshot-new-google-forms.pngGoogle Forms is a popular proponent of Google Apps used to make free, online, customizable surveys. Google Forms can be used to create anything from a quick poll to in-depth survey or quiz. In fact, pretty much anything that you could think of making a "form" for- event invitations, mail lists, etc- can be done with Google Forms. At Coolhead Tech, we use Forms alongside other Google Apps. Recently, Google Forms has seen a levy of new feature updates, which we'll tell you about here.


Templates in Google Forms

Now when you open Google Forms, you can create a form using premade templates from the home screen. These templates are common ones, and include sign-ups, quizzes and more. You can use these templates to more easily create Forms to share among your coworkers, students or friends.


Response Notifications and Individual Responses Through Google Sheets

Now, Google Forms offers email notifications for when someone submits a response, as well as the ability to view individual responses. Individual responses can be viewed from the Forms editor, which will allow you to see every particular answer made by the person who filled out that form. Individual responses can also be deleted or printed this way, too.

Add-Ons and Google Apps Script for Google Forms

Google Forms now supports its own set of Add-ons and Google Apps Script. Add-ons available at launch include Form Publisher and Choice Eliminator, but more Add-ons will be released over time to increase the capabilities of Google Forms. Google Apps Script is a scripting language used with Google Apps (based on JavaScript) that allows custom elements to be used in Google Apps, as well as cross-App interactions.


Google Forms Work or Education: Response Tracking

Finally, Google Apps for Work and Education allow response tracking. This means you can view both the people who have responded to your form, as well as the ones you're still waiting to hear from. This can be very useful in a classroom situation, where you need your students to fill out the form. Reminder emails can also be sent from this screen.

These are the latest features added to Google Forms, as of February 2016. To learn more about Google Apps for Work and Education, feel free to look elsewhere on our blog to learn more. Coolhead Tech is a Texas-based Google for Work Partner, and if you're interested in setting up Google Apps at your school or workplace, you're welcome to contact us for a consultation.