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A Fresh Look at the Google Apps Marketplace

google-apps-marketplace-logoWelcome to the new Google Apps Marketplace – an opportunity to customize the cloud-based experience and to make even better use of it. This amazing collection of third-party applications can be highly beneficial for your business. It all depends on doing the right kind of customization and choosing the tools that will benefit you the most.

The Range of Google Apps

The Google Apps Marketplace features an extensive collection of accounting and finance, admin tools, calendars, document management possibilities, security, marketing, productivity and project management features.

Upon getting started, you will access some of the most popular and the featured apps. The good news is that these have ratings, giving you additional information about the experiences of other users with such developments.

The Apps Marketplace enables administrators to easily purchase and deploy the cloud applications that target the needs of all companies ranging from startups to large corporations. The Marketplace provide opportunities for Google Apps, Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Business. All of the third-party apps can be easily examined in the admin console.

Searching for Applications

You can either rely on the categories in the side menu of the Google Apps Marketplace or type a search and get relevant suggestions. The easiest search method involves the goal you are trying to accomplish like document generation and printing.

Exploring some of the popular applications and going through the ratings will be a great option for getting acuqianted with the apps. It is quite suitable for the individuals that are uncertain about the types of applications that they want.

Once you narrow it down to a few apps, look for more information about the developer. Since the apps are developed by third-parties, they are not created equal. Keep in mind that if you experience any kind of problem, you will have to turn to the application developer rather than to Google support.

Security Issues and Considerations

The third-party nature of the apps in the Google Apps Marketplace could also be posing a few security risks. Each vendor is required to provide some information that admins can rely on to make up their mind. Go through the terms and conditions before installing anything. Read the deletion and the privacy policy of each app, as well.

Keep in mind that Google has no obligation to verify the safety of each app available in the Marketplace. Installing anything and dealing with the consequences will be your responsibility. Go through reviews and search for additional information, especially if you are dealing with sensitive and important company documents or files.

Google Apps Integrations

Once you are done with the installation, you will need to move on to the integration of an app with Google Apps data. This process will happen through the admin console. A lot of detailed information about app integration is available in the Google Apps support center.

Depending on the type of integration, apps will gain access to Gmail, Google+, Calendar, Drive and Contacts data. The apps that integrate with Contacts, for example, will use Contacts Data API to gain access to the information and complete necessary modifications.

If you are looking for a powerful and rich B2B marketplace, Google Apps Marketplace is the perfect opportunity for you. This marketplace is quite similar to the App Store but it contains highly focused and specialized corporate solutions. Get started with it today to make the most of the third-party applications and enhance the cloud-based corporate task execution.