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Business App of the week: Signals by Hubspot

signals-hubspot-gmailThe app, Signals by Hubspot, has quickly become one of the most popular inbound marketing tools online. With the ability to connect to both Outlook and Gmail, the program will let you know when a person has opened an e-mail you have sent them. It can also notify you if a link within the e-mail has been opened. For advanced users, there are additional tracking capabilities available that can help you to maximize the experience you have with this marketing program.

This begins by the ability to use the signals to help boost your business. Imagine sending an important e-mail to a client. When you use Signals to help notify you that a recipient has opened an e-mail, you can wait a few minutes and allow them to read an advertisement you have. Then you can follow up with a phone call to discuss the contents of the e-mail. In a cold call scenario this has already put you in the forefront of the customer’s mind and that can help you to close a deal.

Signals also have the ability to let you determine if a campaign you are running is worthwhile. Depending on how your e-mail list is setup, you can send out a routine e-mail and determine how many times that newsletter is being opened. If you have a mailing list of 1,000 people but only 25 are opened during a week, you know you need to either adjust your campaign or begin to clean up the list. However, if you notice that certain campaign trends maximizes the number of times your e-mail is opened, then you can continue to move forward with similar campaigns.

Regional companies, who are targeting a certain group of people, can utilize the location feature in this program. With it, you will have a chance to determine where people are reading your e-mails from. This helps you to avoid calling someone who is looking at your e-mail at 5 AM their time and waiting until a more reasonable time to talk about the contents of the e-mail.

signals-by-hubspot-exampleThe effectiveness of your e-mail campaign can be measured with the link clicks that take place. With Signals by Hubspot, you can determine which inbound links are being clicked and at what frequency. This can help you to better understand the needs of your customers and what may be working within the individual e-mail campaign. Those results can aid in better returns later on.

If all of this has sparked your interest, then you need to determine which version will be right for you. The free version of this app will allow you to receive 200 free emails and click notifications. In turn, users can decide to upgrade to a paid version that charges $10 each month for access. This allows for an unlimited number of e-mail open notifications and click notifications.

For those who are on the fence, the free version can show you just how powerful this tool can be. In turn, those who are looking to maximize their efforts and want to utilize the best tool on the market should give the paid version of Signs by Hubspot a try. This will be one of the most powerful tools you will have access to and it will pay for itself in no time.