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google-apps-for-retail-datasheetRetailers need web app facilities that can help them keep up with their hyper educated customers, distributed teams and complex supply chain – which is exactly what Google Apps offer. A business can help employees be more productive regardless of when and from where they work. Google Apps can be accessed on any device from any place and bring benefits that can empower the associates to:

  • Better Serve Customers: providing Gmail, Google Drive/Calendar/Docs information through mobile devices; building a community and sharing information with Google communication social tools.
  • Convey Brand and Personality: increasing customer acquisition by brand awareness, marketing and messaging on Google Docs/Drive; tracking consistency of brand standards with Google Forms/Spreadsheets and sharing visual merchandising as well.
  • google-retailStrengthen Community Presence: planning/sharing community event information with Google Calendar; managing in-store event registration and promoting local events with Google Sites.
  • Manage Compliance and Liability: supporting legal investigations with Google Vault; managing standard operating procedures on Google Sites; Tracking product withdrawal information via Google Docs/Spreadsheets and Gmail.
  • Speed M&A Divestiture: reducing merger process time with Google Vault, increasing M&A efficiency with secure Google Apps workspace and providing training to employees with Google Sites.
  • Drive Agile Processes: enabling all time collaboration between product designers, manufacturers and suppliers using Google Apps; conducting online meetings with Google+ Hangouts; standardizing collaboration platform between stores and corporate using Google Apps Suite.
  • Streamline Onboarding for Associates: simplifying on boarding processes, creating HR portal and tracking the hiring process with Google Apps.
  • Speed Associate Training: Offering training on any device/location with Google Sites training portal; tracking the training progress with Google Forms and Spreadsheets.
  • Manage Store Tasks Effectively: planning/tracking tasks for stores, regions and associates with Google Apps; leveraging the shared Google Calendars.

Conclusively, Google Apps can easily provide the resources needed by the retailers to maintain very strong brands, build even stronger relationships and adapt super efficiency in everyday processes.