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Google’s Vision for the Future of Enterprise IT: 100% Web

googles-vision-for-future-of-enterprise-ITGoogle looks to 100% web world as an ideal state for business IT so that applications are delivered from a shared infrastructure through Internet and then accessed on any browser-enabled device. Such a model can improve areas related to collaboration, productivity, mobility and cost efficiency. 100% Web could prove to be better than cloud computing which delivers value only short term and leaves the customers to costs of managing client software while also exposing their data through insecure devices. With 100% Web, application and data are stored centrally and served from scalable, secure and reliable infrastructure.

Google has a number of solutions based on a variety of products that can help businesses realize their vision of 100% Web. The core elements are:

  • Google Apps: the core suite for communication and collaboration application which includes email, calendaring, instant messaging, documents, presentations, drawing, websites, video sharing, spreadsheets and more. These core set of capabilities are expanding and improving to target all employees.
  • Google App Engine: allows companies to build their own application for intern/external use and host them on Google Infrastructure.
  • Apps Marketplace: a number of third party applications are available for customers.
  • Android: one of the fastest growing mobile platforms designed to drive innovation and choice.
  • Chrome: an open source web browser developed to provide users with simple, fast and secure web browsing while supporting all Google Apps.
  • Chrome OS: a new operating system built and optimized for 100% Web.

Since not all companies can adopt a 100% Web world, a number of products have been developed to bridge on-premise and Google’s 100% Web products:

  • Google Apps Unlimited brings the power of Google Drive to Microsoft Office enabling real-time collaboration for users within client applications.
  • Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook: users can take advantages of Google Apps while using Microsoft Outlook client.
  • Google Active Directory Sync and Single Sign-on: allows customers to manage users.
  • Google Message continuity: a disaster recovery that lets Microsoft Exchange customers to user Gmail and back up their servers.