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interns-jumping-for-joyCoolhead Tech, a local Google Apps management and consulting company, will be providing a professional training program that will result in the Google Apps certification of 20 admins by August 2014.

The popularity of Google Apps for business purposes continues to grow. Many companies are making the transition because of the convenience, flexibility and the added value that such solutions provide. The demand for skilled and experienced Google Apps admins is growing. This is the main reason behind the decision for the launch of the Coolhead Tech training program.

Google Apps for Business: Why Give It a Try?
Google Apps are cloud-based, which means that the age of software installation is over. Google Apps can be used anywhere, anytime – a great option for companies that have several offices or representatives that travel all the time.

Some of the most popular and most commonly used Google Apps include Google Drive, Talk, Video and Gmail. An apps admin is a professional trained to manage users, create groups, use the control panel efficiently and do frequent backups to ensure the safety of information.

The price of such cloud-based solutions for companies is much more affordable than the purchase of other software packages. Lightweight and efficient, these function without burdening computers and without compromising quality.

Google Apps Admin Training – The Benefits

apps-admin-classA trained and experienced app admin will do the collaboration, upgrades and data backup that are so essential for the smooth and error-free execution of important business processes.

Coolhead Tech’s training provides administrator candidates with the technical skills and the background knowledge that are essential for up-to-date and efficient Google Apps usage. The training program includes both classroom instructions and real-life experience. Students will get to practice their skills in companies that have already incorporated Google Apps in the work process. They will deal with real-life issues, gaining invaluable knowledge that cannot be obtained in the classroom environment.

Combining the theory and the practice, the Coolhead Tech’s training program is the perfect one for admins that want to be among the industry leaders.

A Few Additional Notes on the CoolHead Tech Google Apps Admin Training

7631397822_d25dd1e8c7_bThe course consists of two training modules – Core Apps Administration and Advanced Google Apps Administration. The first part of the training will take place from June 3 to July 3, 2014. The second module will continue from July 7 to August 15, 2014.

A final exam will be taken through the Google Apps Admin console. The students will have to deal with some of the most typical problems and scenarios that Google Apps admins have to deal with on a daily basis. Upon successful completion of the training and the examination, students will get Google Apps Certified Administrator badge and an official certificate.

The price of the course, which includes 20 hours of classroom training, 20 hours of practical experience in a company, access to a study guide and training materials and Google exam fees, is 549 dollars for a five-week training session. More information about training specifics and information covered is available on the Coolhead Tech website.

The 10 week Google Apps Admin course includes classroom instruction from Brian Gray and on the job training from Coolhead Tech.  High School Seniors and College students are encouraged to Apply Now.