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the-road-to-google-apps-infographicLearn planning and deploying Google Apps in 5 easy steps.   Join us on Friday at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse in North Austin for an Apps in Austin Going Google Clinic. We'll have Google Apps trainers and Apps Admins on hand to help you move to Google in less than an hour.  Friday - June 20 from 3PM - 6PM. 

Step 1: Understand Your Business Needs

Understand your needs because it becomes very easy to build a business case if you are aware with problems you want to solve. Examples could be: - reduce costs, enable flexible working, improve productivity and collaboration, reduce in-house infrastructure, improve email, calendars and archiving, support mobile devices and permission to bring your own device.

Step 2: Evaluate Google Apps.

Check out and see the benefits by products being offered by Google Apps. It offers cost effective price as Google Apps charges only $50 per user per year, it offers familiarity to people who know how to use Google Docs while always maintaining security with backed up and encrypted data. It also offers support 24/7 with build in mobile device management.

Step 3: Build a Consensus

Build a consensus so that you can get most out of Google Apps: these include getting on board the senior management by showing a vision of business improvement and cost savings; Finance: by building a business case showing how they will save with new working ways; IT team: by showing how the switch to Google Apps is more strategic and; Employees: by getting the staff in pilot to get their feedback.

Step 4: Get ready and sign up.

This phase has a couple further steps. Firstly, gather information which you will need to access to your company’s DNS records/names/email addresses. Secondly, buy a ticket to a Going Google Clinic or contact a Google Apps Reseller like Coolhead tech. 

Step 5: Make Google Apps work for your Business

Share information through Spreadsheets, Documents, Sites, Surveys and social network features likes Chat or Hangout. You can also set up training sessions so that staff can learn how to operate Google Apps to reduce their daily tasks. You can also give the staff a clear timeline for changeover to Google Apps because it is a tool for change that allows exploration of Apps market to improve productivity.


Download The Road to Google Apps Infographic