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Introducing the Google for EDU Training Center


It can be tough to get teachers to use new tools, but with the right support you can make it happen. Transitioning from paper and pen to digital resources can be difficult. When we went from mimeograph machines to copiers, teachers didn't mind that they could stop cranking that barrel to make funky, blue inked copies. Students were upset that they lost that great chemical smell, but we replaced it soon enough with the aroma of dry erase markers. Teachers love those over chalk because they're not as messy and have an array of colors.

The basic tenet is that when teachers, really anyone, see that something makes their lives better, they're willing to use it. Getting them to adopt Google Apps for Education may be more difficult that changing from an overhead to a digital projector, but once teachers realize the advantages, they'll become immediate converts.

What you need is a center that helps make the learning curve a smoother ride, so Google has created its Training Center where teachers can learn the advantages of Google Apps for Education and take advantage of what they have to offer.


Google Apps Training for Any Teacher

Whether the teacher needs Level 1 or is ready to move on to Level 2, the Google Training Center has the information ready to meet teachers where they are. Teachers can get device-specific training, or you could sign your rock stars up for the Train the Trainers module to create experts on your own campus.


3rd Party Certification in Google for Education

Teachers can show off what they know by earning Google certifications. The Training Center offers Level 1, Level 2, Trainer, and Innovator certifications so that teachers can demonstrate their commitment to being lifelong learners to the stakeholders in your school. These are hands-on practical programs that give teachers tangible skills they can use.

Comprehensive teaching and deployment resources for Schools using Google Apps and Other products from Google.

Even after teachers complete the training and certifications, they're going to have questions. The Training Center offers continuing support on a number of topics.


  • Tools and Devices - Teachers can learn more about specific tools like Classroom or Drive and how those tools can make a teacher's job simpler. They can also find out more about using devices like chromebooks and tablets.


  • Ideas - Teachers can discover how other teachers are finding success using Google Apps for Education in their classrooms and adapt those ideas for themselves.


  • Community - Teachers can start a discussion about what went well and what they need help with in one of the numerous communities available through the Training Center. They can join a group or start their own and meet in person or online.


The Training Center is there to help your teachers explore how Google Apps for Education can help them be more effective and make their jobs easier. Teachers want to teach, and Google Apps for Education frees them from many of the tasks that keep them from doing what they love. It also makes the time the spend teaching even more powerful.

Make Coolhead Tech your Google for Education partner, and let's work together to design the program that puts Google Apps for Education to work for your school.