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Sending your First Email in Google Apps

If your business or organization is switching to Google Apps congratulations, sending an email has never been easier.  Gmail is accessible from any modern web browser or mobile device.   It's got an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage your daily email load.

  1. In the pane on the left (in Gmail), click COMPOSE.

  1. A new message opens near the lower-right of your Gmail window. To minimize the new message click  . Hold the Shift key and click  to pop out the message into a new window.  You can resize the message window and move it around the screen this way.

  1. In the To field, type the first letter or letters of a recipient's name to look up their email address in your corporate directory. (When you are not adding addresses, the To field is labeled Recipients.)

  1. To add a Cc or a Bcc, simply click Cc or Bcc which shows up when you’re entering addresses. You can also drag and drop email addresses between To, Cc, and Bcc.

  1. Enter a subject and the message text. Your email pane will grow as you type to fit your message.

Format your message

To format the text of your message, click the  icon to expand your formatting options.

Send the message

At the bottom of the message window, click Send.  A message appears at the top of the mail window, confirming that your message was sent.

Note: When you exit the message, a draft is automatically saved to your Drafts folder. (While composing your message, Gmail updates drafts automatically and notifies you by writing Saved next to the trash can, as seen below.) If you decide to discard your message instead of sending it at a later time, click the trash can to delete it.