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Set up email Filters (Rules) in Gmail

create new filterGmail filters are similar to Email Rules in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.  Use filters to manage your incoming messages. With filters, you can automatically label, archive, or delete messages based on keywords and other criteria.


  1. In the upper right corner of Gmail, click the Gear icon and then Settings > Filters > Create a new filter.

  1. Enter your filter criteria in the fields. For example, you might filter all messages from your manager with the words “Action Required.”

     entering filter criteria

  1. Click Create filter with this search, then select one or more actions to apply to messages that match this filter's criteria. For example:

      create filter

    Note: These actions are applied in the order in which they are listed. For example, you could choose to forward matching messages to a specific email address, and then delete the messages.

  1. To apply the filter to messages you've already received, click Also apply filter to [x] matching conversations.

  1. Click Create Filter.