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Sharing a File in Google Drive

Once you've created your document, you can share it with others. Collaborators can then edit the same document at the same time—you'll always have the most up-to-date version at your fingertips.

Share a document

To get started, click the Share button at the top right of the page to open this dialog:

You then have the following options:

Set the visibility

One way to share your document is to choose who can find and view it. Click the Change link and then choose your visibility settings:

Note: Your administrator can disable the settings to share outside your organization, so you might not see those options.

Invite individuals to view or edit

You can also share your document with specific people and determine their level of access.

  1. At the bottom of the Sharing Settings dialog, add people you want to share with and choose their permission level:

    Can edit: Collaborators can add and edit content in your document, or add comments.
    Can comment: Collaborators can add comments, but they can’t edit the content.

Can view: People can view your document, but they can’t edit it or add comments.

  1. Do you want to send people you added an email containing a link to the document? If so, check Notify people via email to send a standard notification. Click Add message if you want to add your own note.

  1. Click Share & save.

See who has access

To see who has access to your document, including their permission levels, click the Share button. Notice that you can also change permission levels here.

Change the document owner

You can change the owner of the document to any individual in your organization who has access. You might want to do this when someone leaves the company or changes projects. Just click the drop-down arrow by their permission level and select Is owner:

You’ll still have edit access to the document, but keep in the mind that the new owner can revoke that.