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Snow in June: Snowflake Extends Partnership with Google Cloud

Snowflake Extends Partnership with Google Cloud

As data continues to emerge as the most valuable resource for modern businesses, Google wants to ensure that its companies have access to all of the information they could need. Already, if you're part of the Google Cloud platform, you can access various crucial sources of data and optimize it with things like BigQuery and Compute Engine. However, now Google is taking its support of data-driven decisions to the next level, with a strategic partnership with Snowflake. 

Snowflake Computing is a cloud-based data warehousing provider dedicated to helping companies make the most out of their data resources. On June the 6th 2019, Google and Snowflake announced that Snowflake computing will be providing their cloud-native warehousing on the Google Cloud Platform. This will make it easier for Snowflake to deliver the flexible multi-cloud strategies that their customers need. 

As the volume of data continues to increase in the current digital environment, the move represents a fantastic step forward for Snowflake. This is the third in a trifecta of developments that Snowflake has invested in to expand its data management and warehousing services. Now, customers with Snowflake will be able to unlock warehousing via Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. 

Providing Snowflake Data Warehousing

Snowflake has emerged as one of the fastest-growing IT startups to arrive in the data warehousing industry in recent years. In June 2019, the company also announced that the warehousing services it offers to modern customers are also available via Microsoft Azure Government, for customers in US government agencies. 

The CEO of Snowflake, Frank Slootman, said that the strategic partnership is essential for Snowflake in a time when more businesses are beginning to adopt a multi-cloud strategy. The company is thrilled to be working with Google Cloud on a deeper level. The new partnership will mean that Snowflake customers can access Google's comprehensive cloud portfolio of machine learning and analytics strategies to make the most out of their data. The two companies believed that their combined efforts will help partners within the data world to develop more innovative solutions based on the information that they collect in the cloud. 

According to a blog post about the new partnership published by Google, the cloud company is constantly having conversations with customers in various industries, where they hear that data analytics and warehousing are top-of-mind considerations. Over the past few months, the Google Cloud Platform and Snowflake have both been seeing a growing demand from customers that want to dive deeper into their data analytics. Customers on the Snowflake platform want both exceptional access to their data and better performance and reliability. 

By teaming up with Google in this new capacity, Snowflake will give their customers the support they need to manage their data warehouses more efficiently. Additionally, it will be possible for today's Snowflake and Google Cloud users to access the scalability, security, and performance of Google's network when it comes to building AI and machine learning tools. 

Supporting Tomorrow's Data-Driven Businesses

Thomas Kurian, the Google Cloud CEO, said in a press release about the partnership, that many modern companies are undergoing a digital transformation experience. For these businesses to evolve effectively, it's important for them to ensure that they have access to the right data. Enterprises will now be able to use Snowflake alongside Google Cloud to get the complete analytics and machine learning strategy that they need. 

The relationship between Google Cloud and Snowflake will be a co-opetition one. This means that the Snowflake data warehousing services will be running on the Google Cloud Platform. However, the Snowflake warehouse will also be competing with the Google BigQuery service for data warehousing too. Similarly, Snowflake competes with AWS Redshift, although Snowflake also runs its services on the AWS Cloud Platform. 

According to Snowflake and Google, the warehousing system will be available in preview mode for a select few early access customers in the fall of 2019. The service will be fully available sometime in early 2020. 

The McKesson Corporation - a leader in supply chain management for the healthcare industry, has said that it will be one of the first customers to leverage the Snowflake technology available through the Google Cloud. This will allow McKesson to build on their strategy for next-generation analytics, AI, machine learning, and applications.