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What is Supermetrics and the Benefits for Google BigQuery

Benefits of Supermetrics data migration software for Google BigQuery

Data is the most valuable thing that any company can have in the modern world. The statistics on what big data can do for the average marketer speak for themselves. After all, you don't need to guess at what kind of service and support your customers need when you've got troves of data to introduce you to every point of their purchasing data.

Unfortunately, while there are plenty of ways to collect data from your phone conversations, CRM systems, and more, collection is just one part of the equation. For data to be truly transformational, it needs to be stored appropriately and processed too.

Tools like the incredible Google BigQuery are excellent for companies in search of new business intelligence solutions. This serverless structure is designed to make data analysis easier and more accessible to the masses. However, there's still a lot of complicated setup to consider.

Now, leading marketing analytics integration company, Supermetrics, is introducing a way to make Google BigQuery more effective than ever before.

The new Supermetrics BigQuery integration unveiled at 2019's Google Cloud Next reduces the barriers to entry to data analysis for businesses of any size.

Here's your guide to Supermetrics for BigQuery.

What is Google BigQuery?

Before we discover all the benefits of Supermetrics for BigQuery, let's discuss what Google BigQuery is, and what it does for your company.

Google BigQuery is intended to be an answer to all your data management and processing issues. As marketers continue to search for insights about their consumers and partners, BigQuery gives companies a space in which they can source all of the useful data gathered by their network.

BigQuery is a cloud-based warehouse which gives any organization greater access to the data analytics they need to grow and thrive. Since about 96% of businesses in the data analytics space say that they need help managing unstructured data, BigQuery is a fully-managed service. That means that you don't have to worry about handling the underlying IT infrastructure required for your data endeavors.

With BigQuery, companies can analyze all of their streaming and batch data in a single place by creating a logical and immersive data warehouse. There's also the option to create reports for your stakeholders and teams through the Google Business Intelligence Engine.

As part of the larger Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery is a highly reliable and accessible solution for most businesses. It allows you to take advantage of a world-recognized infrastructure to power your data analytics. However, there are still a lot of marketers - particularly those in smaller businesses, that may need help making the most out of their BigQuery experience.

Remember, stronger data analytics gives your company the potential to increase its profits by up to 10%, while reducing costs by another 10% per year.

Analytics isn't something you can afford to overlook.

That's where Supermetrics for BigQuery comes in - to ensure that everyone can get the best ROI from their Google BigQuery experience.

What is Supermetrics and How Does it Support BigQuery?

So, now that you know what Google Big Query is, what is Supermetrics, and how does it improve your data management strategy?

Supermetrics is a state-of-the-art business data migration software that pulls all of the performance indicators and critical metrics in your company into a highly accessible and unified location. When Supermetrics launched in 2009, they wanted to help companies simplify their access to the data that could transform their business.

Ten years later, Supermetrics has evolved to become a fully-featured solution for reporting and analysis, which works seamlessly with a host of analytics engines and tools. If you need to gather insights that will lead to more effective and lucrative marketing campaigns, then Supermetrics will help.

The Supermetrics for BigQuery solution builds on top of the company's existing relationship with the Google brand. Up until now, Supermetrics' flagship product has been their Google Drive service, which allows companies to run queries with ease, update their data with a touch of a button and more. There's even the "Supermetrics data grabber" which gives you excel reports of your information, taken from locations like AdWords, Google Analytics and more.

The latest Supermetrics for BigQuery tool introduces a new way for marketers to connect with their Google data. There's no need to code your queries with the Supermetrics module. All you have to do is set up your BigQuery data streams using a handful of permission screens and drop-down menus. The result is a highly advanced and centralized data environment that combines everything from LinkedIn, to Adobe Analytics and more.

The Google BigQuery upgrade is a massive step forward for the Supermetrics brand.

However, there's a good chance that the company's decision to step a little further outside of their comfort zone will pay off. While other Supermetrics solutions are ideal for less in-depth analytics, the Supermetrics for BigQuery connector will be perfect for taking insights to the next level. You'll even be able to select specific subsets of the data in your warehouses to export it into the environments where you feel more comfortable unlocking actionable information.

The Benefits of Supermetrics for Google BigQuery

Supermetrics for BigQuery is unlike anything else on the data analytics marketplace today. The new tool removes all of the technical barriers that would stop organizations of any size from accessing the information they need. What's more, Supermetrics for BigQuery is an excellent way to make sure that you don't face any of the issues that are common when your customer and business information exists in siloed analytics engines.

So, what is Supermetrics for BigQuery going to do to support your company?

Simply put, it gives you a better analytics opportunities for your marketers. Rather than having to send all your resources through to developers and scientists before it reaches your marketing teams, you can build and process your own data pipelines in real-time. Imagine giving your marketers the ability to make rapid decisions based on instant ad-hoc analytics.

That's what you're getting with Supermetrics for Big Query.

Here are the benefits that Supermetrics promises for its BigQuery solution:

  • Simple data analytics intended for marketing teams: According to Supermetrics, the BigQuery connector was built for marketers, by marketers. That means that you can bypass the need for developers and scientists to translate your data insights before they get to your marketing team. Not only does this process make it easier for marketers to make crucial decisions on behalf of your business, but it frees up developer and technician time too. Your tech-focused team can concentrate on the things that they do best, while marketers gain overviews of their advertising strategies in a couple of clicks. Simply set your marketing data warehouse up and running with Supermetrics BigQuery, then pull data into Google's Data Studio for quick visuals.
  • Easy-to-understand content: Another major differentiator of the Supermetrics for BigQuery service is that your insights are automatically translated into a format that's suitable for your marketing teams. The pre-defined schemas available from Supermetrics pulls raw data from APIs and data tools and loads it into tables that are much easier for your employees to analyze. Supermetrics for BigQuery was built in the knowledge that not all marketing teams can write SQL queries to access the information they need. That's why the company spoke to hundreds of companies to ensure that they were giving marketers the insightful, easy-to-understand overviews they wanted most.
  • Build a workflow in BigQuery: Another exciting component of Supermetrics for Google BigQuery is the fact that you can transfer all of your data from outside of Google products and services into the BQ interface. The transfer service is easy to use and reliable, and if you're familiar with using the Supermetrics data studio connectors, you shouldn't have any trouble getting started. If you're new to Supermetrics, we recommend playing around with the system in your free trial, so you can get used to it. There's also plenty of support available for new-starters from the Supermetrics guidance team too.
  • The Most Powerful Insights with a Host of Data Sources: According to Supermetrics, their BigQuery connector has more dimension options and metrics available than any other third-party app on the market. There are dozens of fantastic integrations available to a host of analytics platforms, PPCs, SEO, and Social tools. Supermetrics for BigQuery gives today's companies access to the wide range of data sources they need, without compromising on deep, immersive insights. This is a solution that allows you to dig deep into the darkest parts of your data.
  • Exclusive Access to a Data Studio Connector: Finally, Supermetrics for BigQuery isn't just a solution for pulling your information into the Google BigQuery environment. Once your data is accessible within the BigQuery platform, you can create dashboards, crunch your numbers, and develop unique insights in a host of different ways. The Supermetrics team built a unique Google Data Studio Connector to make their solution as intuitive as possible for marketers. The connector automatically merges data from a range of sources together into a single table, without any need for SQL writing. The system can also automatically set data types for fields in your system, and add calculated metrics like CTR.

Do You Need Supermetrics for Google BigQuery?

The demand for data in today's environment is growing rapidly.

Conventional solutions for analysis and data storage like Spreadsheets and Google analytics may not be enough for the digitally-transforming business. For instance, Microsoft Excel is excellent for performing small scale evaluations, but it can only store as many as 1 million rows of data. As most data scientists already know, accessing Big data insights requires a lot more depth than traditional tools can provide.

The Supermetrics for BigQuery connector is the latest way to solve the various data issues you and your organization might face. Regardless of the size of your company, if you want to work with large amounts of data, then you can rely on Supermetrics to optimize your workflow, automate performance, and get rid of the various concerns that might stop you from achieving business-changing insights.

Something as simple as using Supermetrics for BigQuery to automate your data importation strategy could help you to remove 30 hours of repetitive work from your marketing team's schedule each month.

As the CEO of Supermetrics, Mikael Thuneberg said in an interview with Information age, advertising and marketing agencies are already trying to access vast amounts of data about their customers. Combining information across platforms and business applications is crucial for any company in search of a comprehensive overview of their ROI.

With Supermetrics for BigQuery, companies can make better decisions about their marketing strategy, deliver stronger experiences to customers, and boost team productivity.

Supermetrics for BigQuery Launches Now

Easily one of the most exciting reveals to appear at this year's Google Cloud Next Event, the launch of Supermetrics for BigQuery has the power to change marketing for many businesses.

For years, accessing and combining data from multiple channels has been a massive concern for marketers and business teams. Supermetrics eliminates the need to learn how to code and write SQL. It also means that you don't have to place more strain on your developers and programmers when you want to take your data strategy to the next level.

If you're interested in discovering the power of BigQuery for yourself, and you want a simpler access point, visit the Supermetrics website today. The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace also has an offer for users to access a 14-day free trial for Supermetrics for BigQuery.

If you need a little extra help getting used to Supermetrics, you can book a demonstration with the team. If you want to learn more about using Google tools to transform your business, then you can reach out to the experts here at Coolhead Tech.

We're the premier partner in the US for companies that need help succeeding with the Google Cloud.