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Here's Our 4 Step Process to Deploying G Suite


The migration to Google Apps is a piece of cake when you are following this four step process to deploying G Suite.   Our Apps Admins follow this process when deploying larger customers and can even guide you through each step by telephone and video call - for Free!  

This month we're rolling out Free expert advice for IT departments and team members wanting to switch to G Suite by Google Cloud.   G Suite is the paid version of Google Apps such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.   The collaboration suite comes tightly integrated with Google Cloud Platform, a powerful, secure and stable Cloud development and infrastructure platform. 


1. G Suite Deployment Planning Session

The deployment adviser will start by working with you to help devise a customized strategy for deploying G Suite to your organization.

2. Deployment Guidance

With a migration and deployment strategy basd on best practices, we'll provide guided support for Domain Verification, Mail Routing, Data Migration, User Creation, Security and Interoperability.

3.  Digital Transformation

By this step, Digital transformation, the technical aspect of the migration is already under control.  We'll review solutions leveraging G Suite products (i.e. Gmail, docs, sheets, hangouts, sites, mobile etc..) tailored to transform your business.

4. Handoff and Long Term Support

After a successful migration and deployment to G Suite, the Deployment Adviser will provide you with instructions on contacting Google Support for any ongoing needs, as well as recommend a couple of matching Google Cloud Premier Partners for long term account management and custom support.



Now Here are Three Ways to Experience our World Class G Suite Deployment Process.


1)  Order our Self-Guided E-Kit for G Suite Deployment.   

The Self-Guided E-Kit for G Suite Deployment includes everything you need for a succesful data migration from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or any IMAP server.     We include documentation for Google's own free tools along with our notes and FREE Guidance.   Why settle for Break/Fix support when we can prevent migration issues by providing 8-12 hours of advice and support.


2)  Have our Google Certified Deployment Specialists Do the Technical Work.

With thousands of migrations under their belts, Google Certified Deployment Specialists can provide highly cost efficient mail migration from Exchange, Lotus Notes and IMAP servers.    Working with a deployment specialist can drastically reduce the IT department effort on the long tedious process of migrating messages, contacts and calendars.     IT Departments and leaders can focus on migration matters such as communication, change management and training.   These topics, including training slides, are included in our assisted migration service for G Suite.

3)   Schedule a Full Team of Google Cloud Experts to Perform the entire migration process

Many Google Cloud Premier Partners and Managed Service Providers offer turn-key G Suite Deployment Services for complete migrations that include end user training and change management.   For as little as $50 per person you can schedule Gmail and Calendar Optimization training, white glove assistance for the c-suite and a Go-Live party.


Switching to G Suite is easier than ever.  Choose any of the aforementioned options and you can have as many as 500 users securely migrated from Exchange, Lotus Notes or an IMAP server to G Suite in as little as two to four weeks.   Easy as Cake!