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The benefits of upgrading from G Suite Basic to Business


G Suite Basic is one of the most useful business suites around, offering you a powerful array of tools in one convenient location. All G Suite functions are fully mobile compatible, giving you everything you need to make your business successful wherever you are.

Many small businesses do well with G Suite Basic, the free option. However, it’s vital not to overlook the potential of G Suite Business. It empowers you truly amazing features. No matter your company’s size or industry, you can go to the next level.

If you’re wondering 'why use G Suite,' G Suite Business gives you six new reasons:

1. Unlimited Storage

With Google, unlimited storage means just that – unlimited. You’ll be able to store and transfer any amount of files using the cloud-based convenience of Google Drive. Secure, centralized file storage makes life easier. Administrators can organize teams into a single shared space and follow your data compliance needs to a T in just a few minutes.

2. Google Vault

Google Vault is Google’s e-discovery and compliance application. It’s among the top answers to the question 'why use G Suite' if you’re in a compliance-heavy industry like finance. With it, IT leaders can retain, hold, search, export, and archive data from the across the spectrum of other G Suite applications. It helps you manage your audits and litigation much more easily.

3. Advanced Drive Controls

G Suite Business includes enterprise-grade controls for all of its applications, including Google Drive. Advanced access control, security key enforcement, and data loss prevention all come standard for business accounts. G Suite Business also enables integration with common data analytics suites. This gives you complete visibility into how your resources are being used.

4. Company-Wide Search

It’s never been easier to surface and identify all your crucial data. G Suite Business gives you one-touch access to a company-wide search feature where nothing is ever lost. Searching is AI-driven and based on the latest Google technology, so it’s fast and intuitive. If you need more help finding what you want, contextual assist cards will guide you through the entire process.

5. Audit and Reporting Features

With a built-in Activity API, G Suite Business empowers you to programmatically access key reporting data. Admin Audit logging records all actions performed in the account environment. All usage and security reports can be output in clear, convenient formats that stakeholders will understand. Five basic report structures exist, including the strategic Highlights report.

6. Mobile Audits and Alerts

Administrators on G Suite Business can get instant updates right to their mobile device when important system activity takes place. That includes security events like a suspicious sign-in, access from a compromised device, or change in admin settings. Mobile activity audits and other types of security and compliance reports are also available right on mobile.

G Suite Business Offers Best-in-Class Solutions for Modern Enterprises

So, it turns out that there are many answers to that eternal question: Why use G Suite?

Businesses that want world-class IT at an affordable price have an outstanding opportunity thanks to Google. G Suite Business combines the latest productivity apps with powerful and granular administration. It’s IT fit for a multinational enterprise at a fraction of the cost.

Convenience is another big reason why G Suite Business makes sense.

Implementing G Suite Business is a snap. User-facing applications will be available within seconds after signup. Setup is minimal, especially for such powerful tools. Your team will recognize G Suite apps from their consumer versions, so there’s no reinventing the wheel.

There’s never been a better time to try G Suite Business. Get started today.