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The Two Types of Billing plans for G Suite

g-suite-payment-plansNew G Suite customers are required to set up a premium subscription following the expiry of the free trial period of G Suite. Google bills active accounts at the beginning of each month. Companies enjoy access to a comprehensive set of services designed to boost productivity, collaboration and communication.  In addition to three G Suite pricing packages, Google offers two billing plans from which to choose: the flexible plan and the annual plan.

As a new customer, you are urged to set up billing for company's account before the free trial period ends. This ensures that you will not face any interruptions. No charges will be levied during the free trial period. Google also offers a free trial to customers upgrading from the legacy edition of Google apps.

Location plays a key role in determining payment options and the applicable currency. These selections cannot be changed at a later date.


G Suite Flexible Payment Plan

Opting for the flexible plan allows you to pay for the service on a monthly basis. You are billed for the number of user accounts (personalized emails) that are active in a given month. The charges vary depending on the G Suite pricing plan selected.

The flexible plan is well suited to entities with a variable workforce. You can add and remove new personalized email accounts (users) as necessary. The charges will fluctuate accordingly. This means your organization will pay for casual staff while they use the service. The accounts can be deleted once the employment contract or project ends.

The payments for users that you add and delete from the service are prorated. For instance, any user that you add on the first of the month and then remove by the 15th of the same month, Google charges for only 15 days.

You are allowed to prepay for your account as opposed to making monthly payments. The service provider will then debit the funds depending on user activity monthly. The subscription can be canceled at any given time and Google will only bill you for the service you have used.


G Suite Annual Committment Payment Plan

The annual plan is aimed at organizations interested in paying for the service annually. It allows customers to take advantage of discounts that may be offered by Google.

The billing is applied monthly based on your annual commitment. The service provider levies $50 per user annually for all Basic plan accounts. The figure is an example of users paying in US dollars. The annual plan is perfect for entities with a constant or growing staff complement.

It is available to new customers through various sign-up paths except for entities that sign-up for business email using personal Gmail accounts. This means accounts falling under the Basic, Business and Enterprise G Suite pricing plans are permitted to opt for an annual billing plan. You can switch from the flexible plan to the annual plan.

The number of users linked to a company account can be increased or reduced at any given time. The total number of active user accounts cannot exceed the applicable licenses. Purchasing new licenses allows your business to add more users. However, license removal and the reduction of monthly payments can only take effect once a year when it is time to renew your account's annual contract.