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These are the Core Google Apps

google-apps-for-work-premier-logo.pngWith Google Apps for Work, each App is synched online, but all files are available to edit and view offline, across platforms.  Whether you use Apple, Android, or Windows mobile or desktop products, you have a reliable solution to all potential collaborations and projects. In addition, These core Google business apps boast a 99.9% uptime SLA, so you can rely on them all the time.


Gmail (Google Mail)

gmail-for-work-icon.pngEmail, IM, voice and video chat

With 30GB of email and IM storage, each team member is guaranteed the space necessary to work efficiently.


Search and find emails instantly

When you can search and find what you need immediately, with Google powered search, in addition to powerful organization tools, the information you need is never further than your fingertips.


Less spam

You can rest easy and focus on what's important with Postini filtering, to ensure the messages you need get where you need them.


Google Calendar


Manage Meetings Online With Google Calendar

A web-based calendar, Google Calendar enables employees to work together efficiently, and assists the IT department to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.



Easily schedule appointments

The calendar overlay allows you to see when people are available, making scheduling a breeze. In addition, Google Calendar has the ability to send invitations and manages RSVPs ensuring your team is coordinated and on the same page.


Integrate with your email system

Google Calendar's integration with Gmail and the other Apps keeps everything together, and the interoperability with other popular calendars ensures everyone is on the same page.


Share project calendars

The flexibility built into the sharing ability provides a range of permissions, as well as giving IT full control of security and privacy.


Publish calendars

Google Calendars makes it easy to publish your events to publicly accessed sites, as well as easily embedding calendars into web pages.

Google Drive for Work

google-drive-for-work-icon.pngSync and Share across operating systems

Drive gives you a central hub, for Mac, PC, or mobile device users to update or view up-to-date files and projects anytime.



Easily upload and share files

When you share individual files or whole folders with team members, the whole team or even customers and clients, you'll encourage a productive and collaborative atmosphere for your company. Comments can be created and commented on by anyone on the team, or only a select few, to keep everyone on the same page.


Secure access controls

IT admins are able to manage permissions, to control access and keep you in control.

Google Sites

google-sites-icon.pngCreate dynamic localized web pages, and organize information

In order to manage team projects, Google Sites is a fantastic way to create and manage secure intranet pages to keep everything in one place. You can even utilize templates to keep things simple and fast. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more can be located in one easy location for everyone to access.


Anytime, anywhere access

Powered on the web, Google Sites is available to edit from anywhere, and available across platforms for easy access from the office, on the road, or at home.


System and site-level security controls

Again, IT admins can manage permissions just like in Drive, so the appropriate eyes get to and if necessary, edit the documents when and where you need it.

Google Apps Vault


Add Archiving And E-Discovery To Google Apps



Retention policies

Automatically apply retention policies to email and chats, and define them yourself, for the easiest control over your projects. This provides the simplest way to ensure that your important information is never lost.


Email and chat archiving

Archive your email and chat, to prevent accidental deletion and boost productivity. You can arrange policies, and set parameters, to ensure less downtime due to inadvertent actions.



Any litigation or compliance audits can be organized and ready, when you use E-discovery to retrieve the relevant messages and information quickly and easily, saving your company hours and headaches in the process.


Legal hold

Optimize and protect your business by placing legal holds on users when necessary, to make sure that email and chat messages cannot be deleted, again, protecting you and your organization.



Maintain compatibility with your projects and documents, by exporting messages to more standard formats for additional review, encouraging a team that's engaged and active.



Searches, views, exports, and more are now transparent, ensuring a well functioning company with employees who are as productive as you need them to be.